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  1. @@rebeccarpeck1 that's strange. Did you go through a travel agent? (Sorry these questions might be repetitive) Also are you having kids? If so were they free? When is your wedding date?
  2. Hi @@MichelleandAdam, so my question is regarding the hotel room cost. I went to visit Hyatt Ziva last month. I fell in love with the hotel!! The only thing that made the hotel less attractive was that they would charge $175 pp to attend our wedding, if that person was not staying at the hotel. How can we expect our guests to pay close to $450 a night per person especially when they have kids. That being said, we went with an off site venue (which is magical). The venue we chose was our first choice to be honest and so happy we went with it. But I cant stop thinking about Hyatt Ziva! I would love to have our guests stay at Ziva but can't get over the price point. Would you or anyone else who has or will be staying here tell me if they paid $400 + per night?
  3. Hi Ziva brides. Question, does the $500 vendor fee apply to each vendor you bring in from outside? For ex: I would most likely bring in my own photographer as well as a DJ. Would that just be a total of $500 or $1,000? Sorry I'm just confused by this whole outside vendor fee.
  4. @@jjbrown. I haven't been given any rates. We going to visit in October to look at a few different locations. Have you already gone to visit the actual hotel?
  5. Hi brides. I'm considering Hyatt ZIva Cancun for my November 2017 wedding. @@jjbrown could you please send me your florist's info?
  6. Hello all you soon to be brides! This is my first Forum and I'm so happy that I found the BDW site! It's seriously the most helpful website that I've come across since I stared planning for my November 2017 wedding! I wanted to discuss one topic specifically and that would be Joyce from Dream Weddings. I have been researching for weeks for my dream venues and when I thought I came close to finding out details on the venues they would always fall through. I decided to ask an event coordinator and decided to go with Joyce. I noticed she is always giving such helpful tips/advice on so many other forums on this site. Joyce and I had a Skype call last week and discussed a lot of concerns I had. She was able to answer all of the questions I had! This literally gave me the biggest breath of relief. Before I spoke to Joyce I thought my dreams venues no longer excited, since no one would ever get back to me and since I can't afford a wedding planner I thought it was a lost cause. Since both of my dream venues (Villa Joya and Hacienda Esperanze) come with nothing except their gorgeous structure, Joyce prepared me for what I would need to know in order to live out my dream wedding. As well as tell me the perks of not going through a hotel, ex: buy your own booze, bring your own linens, and even make your own flowers, all to lower cost of the wedding. I asked what I should do in order to help my friends & family find good deals on hotels and flights and she gave me an answer that I didn't even consider (Travel Agent) and what the perks of having a travel agent are. I also freaked as to how I was going to visit these private properties w/out having a wedding planner. One of her services is to take you to go look at different venues, which made me happy. From what I can tell about Joyce, she has been doing this for years and knows all the right questions to ask to make sure you get what you want for your wedding. Not being able to afford a wedding planner, Joyce really has come to my rescue. Since we've talked last week, I've sent her a few emails and she is so quick to reply. She seems to take her job very seriously and I just got a very good sense of genuineness from her. In no way did she ever try and sell herself or any vendors that she works with. It was a nice relief for a change! Her main goal is to help guide brides in the right direction and I appreciate that tremendously! If your a bride that would like some guidance I would recommend Joyce!
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