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  1. I am also considering this hotel. How many people did you have? Was the locations private?
  2. @@jrobbins3 do you mind send me your budget and photos list and everything. I haven't decided on Royalton but deff have my eye on it. paleywedding@yahoo.com
  3. I am also looking at this hotel! what packages did they offer you?
  4. hi! You literally took the words out of my mouth for those hotels just too expensive. I also like Royalton. where do you see all of their option?? I want to look as well its so hard choosing without a visit. I want it to be private
  5. @ashhtay where can i see what other places they offer for reception. I want indoor private
  6. hi Joyce, yes I have a TA, I am looking at Barcelo now and a few grand palladium
  7. @@ashhtayy thanks doll!! i looked at that resort also its goreous but I am trying to be budget friendly for guests as well.. I love that sky rooftop but I thought its going to be too windy and stuff idk maybe I am being too picky.. so besides paying for the package you had to pay per plate and per additional guest(i am assuming they have the standard 20-40) you had to pay $1800 + $5 plate?
  8. Hello Everyone! We finally decided on doing a destination wedding. There are sooo many hotels to choose from in Mexico. What do you guys recommend? Around 50-60 people would like private ceremony not on the sand preferably, budget friendly. Thank you for everyone's advice in advance!
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