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  1. Thanks so much for your response and you have definitely given me some things to think about! I have decided to wait until April when I find out who put deposits down to make anymore decisions because I think that will influence my decisions. I will keep you posted!
  2. I booked my wedding for January 2017 and they sent me all the information right after I put my deposit down for my wedding date. If I remember correctly a lot of the paper work is due around 3 months in advance so I would contact them right away.
  3. Finally I have found a place with kindred spirits! I booked my wedding for January 2017 at GS and feel totally overwhelmed with all the decisions I need to make. I thought it so sweet when my Fiance said whatever you want I'll be happy with. Smart man because he doesn't have to make any decisions. The only hiccup I have experienced so far was the first package information I was sent by my Travel Agent mentioned the free package and I was like yes please only to find out that as of 2016 they have fazed it out and the cheapest I could book was the Silver (figures lol). I can't get mad because my TA is my Auntie so I chose to forgive instead lol. I just wanted to thank you to all of you as I have gotten a wealth of information from this board already. So far we are going with the Silver Package with the Cocktail Party afterwards and I'm trying to patiently wait until deposits for the trip are in so I actually know how many people are coming for sure because you just never know. One question I had is has anybody booked the Private Cocktail Party? If so is it already decorated or do I have to chose from the extra list? Also has anybody ever extended it longer? TIA
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