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  1. Thank you! I promise to share more pictures as they come in and I will write a full review upon my return. All I can say now is the wedding department is amazing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Keely, I just got married on Saturday so I think I can answer some of your questions. 1. Music I just chose songs and they were played thru a speaker. Sounded great. I'm sure you can hire a violinist just shoot the wedding department an email 2. Distance While the resort is large it is deceiving in size and doesn't take too long to get anywhere. Best investment I made was paying the extra cost to rent the shuttle which shuttled my 55 guests to the ceremony and then to our private dinner. I only got the gold package so there was a distance between the wedding and restaurant. 3. Cock
  3. Two days until I leave and honestly I'm more than ready to stop planning and packing and just start enjoying. Enjoying the heat, the family & friends, the whole experience. I managed to get my hair and nails done yesterday and then spent the rest of the evening cutting some the remainder of my stuff on the Cameo. This is the weekly schedule that will go in the welcome bags. They aren't perfect and the times might change but I figure I will let people know of any. Hanged at the welcome dinner. I also made this little cards for necklaces to give to my MOH, and 2 of my friends who hav
  4. So I officially leave in 10 days and get married in 2 weeks! It's been a rough week as I found out that Passport Canada lost my pictures. So this 5 year passport is now going to cost me near $300 and it will be ready on Friday (we fly out on Tuesday). I have also wasted an entire week in bed with bronchitis and a sinus infection so it's not my best week lol. Why do I share this? I share because every Bride has their crisis and it's ok. The wedding will still happen and I know it will be beautiful! I've been picking up packages all week and it's so exciting! Today I picked up a special cup
  5. The countdown is officially on! 1 month until I marry my best friend! So last night my MOH came over and we made some really good progress! First we washed and labelled all 55 tumblers. Then she finished assembling all the escort cards that I pre-cut on my mom's silhouette cameo (I love this machine!) Then we assembled all the hangover kits which contained mini tictacs, bandaids, Advil, Emergen-C, and hand sanitizer. I have also started the canvases that will line the aisle but it's definitely very time consuming. I've finished 2 out of 8 so far. I also got the gift for our ring
  6. First off Congrats! A few things to keep in mind as these are things I discovered along the way as I'm getting married in January. I believe the palapa only holds 100 guests and you have a pretty large group. You will get a better deal from an outside florist but the resort charges a penalty fee for an outside vendor ($200 USD I think). I think if you want lots of flowers even with the penalty fee you will be better off because what the resort charges is crazy lol. As for the photographer be careful because someone informed me even if you bring your own photographer they charge you the
  7. So I accomplished yet another task but funny enough this one wasn't on my list. First let me praise the person who is @@calgarybride2015. She is the most helpful person on not only this site but on the FB group for my hotel. I could never thank her enough for all the advice and help she has contributed to my wedding. She gave me the idea of sending a pre-travel brochure to my guests to answer any questions or offer tips to them. She sent me a copy of her brochure and while I did copy lots of it (she had an amazing brochure) I also added some of my own touches. I ordered these thru Vista
  8. So one more thing checked off of my to do list! Thanks to Pinterest I came up with the idea of not only buying frames from Ikea but to incorporate all the beautiful engagement pictures that were just siting on my hard drive. My FI spray painted the frames silver and the prints cost $0 because I had some free prints at Costco! Here's the final product Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. @@scadeau yes I did decide to put a starfish on every chair. I bought them on eBay and paid $32 CAD for 60 of them which was a lot cheaper than the stores. @@rebeccarpeck1 I found the starfish fans originally on Etsy but they were asking some crazy expensive price. In order to save money I went on a local handmade FB group asking if someone could help me out and a girl did it for $20 for the digital file. I then took it to Staples who photocopied it onto card stock and cut them for me. In terms of panicking I went through my on ups and downs. I found I was more stressed in the beginning th
  10. So I know it's been a while but after the social I've been crazy wedding planning! Only have 2 1/2 months to the wedding!!! So right after the social all of our decisions were due for the hotel. The flowers were the most challenging part I found as I wasn't sure what flowers to pick. I tried to just provide a color scheme but the hotel said they needed pictures. I tried searching for local flowers to avoid extra costs but to no avail so in the end the FI said just pay the extra. My bouquet MOH bouquet Groom Boutonnière BM Boutonnière FOB Boutonnière MOB/MOG Corsage Ga
  11. A question for past GS Brides. I'm starting to fill paperwork out with all our desicisions and I have a couple of questions. Flowers, I'm having a hard time picking out flowers for the alter and my wedding party. My colours are purple with accents of orange with a starfish theme. My groom really wants birds of paradise so any orange I'm choosing that. Should my bouquet flowers match the types of flowers that the gazebo is decorating in or is ok to have completely different flowers? Also I need ideas for decorating the aisle way and tables for the reception. What did you ladies do? I'm tryin
  12. I'm really starting to get excited especially know that I'm filling out the paperwork. Time flies by as I felt like we just got engaged. I wish we could afford to book the presidential package but it just wasn't in the budget. We are going with the gold package and just having the reception in the restaurant. The palapa looks beautiful and I would have loved to book it. We were shocked with how many booked, 53 total including 12 kids. I'm lucky that no one right now is looking to get pregnant so the Zika virus is not an issue. We would like to start a family soon but I was told that you only
  13. Hi Keely, I'm getting married Jan 2017 and you are right in saying the wedding coordinator contacts you closer to the date as this is what is happening with me now. Rodrigo won't be you're actual coordinator as he assigns one about 2 months before the wedding. As for photography I had a heart attack when I was getting quotes and the FI put a stop to spending that much. I got in touch with a photographer who was reasonable but with the penalty fee of bringing her on resort it was again too expensive. She told me every bride deserves professional photography and offered a package for a coupl
  14. @@calgarybride2015 I know I have been MIA lately but I have been busy planning my Wedding Social which takes place this weekend. Honestly I think planning the social has been way more stressful than any wedding planning but in the end the funds we make will help with the wedding costs. More wedding planning starts right after Saturday as I have to hand in all my paper work next month to the resort. I did get one wedding related task done. I made my invitations! I love how they turned out and can't wait to send them out! I designed them from scratch and feel really proud. I promise more pl
  15. @@Chelseaslove did you ever get the price breakdown for the different wedding packages because if not I can email them to you as like calgarybride said I'm getting married in January. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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