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  1. So excited for you! Lomas isn't the best to deal with but you will be happy in the end! I brought my own photographer to the resort from home. To me it was a way better option than using the resorts vendors. I did love the options. The resort is pretty good about doing anything that you want, just remember there is always a price tag. and yes the lighting for the sky deck really is 1500! It is so crazy. I went back and forth trying to decide if I could spend that much on lighting, but in the end, sadly you need the lighting. They really should charge more to use the sky deck and ju
  2. I was told that they can not handout bags at the front desk but they can put them in people's rooms. It is $4 a room.
  3. Hi all! I am getting married at Generations/El Dorado in a few months, and I just wanted to see if any past brides have any suggestions or tips on making things as smooth as possible for the big day. For example, advice on communicating what you want with the wedding coordinator. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Thank you @@Nichole0878! Do you have to pick out all the songs ahead of time or just tell them must play songs and they will fill in with other songs throughout the night?
  5. I am trying to decide which DJ to book. DJ All Music or Mega DJ. Who did you use? Which do you recommend?
  6. We didn't do the BDR. We just made a weekend trip (and stayed in playa) to see the resort before officially booking. We also went to a few other resorts. I am glad I saw the resort and locations ahead of time because now I can picture things better and know certain details to ask for (like entering from the restaurant on the pier instead of the stairs on the side). I think that is smart about the sky deck in December (its very breezy up there). We still have a lot of details to work on, but im not too worried about it. We will get it all done. I couldn't agree more with all the Lo
  7. I personally didn't want to mess with any sand, and we originally were forecasting around 80 people attending the wedding. So the skydeck was a great location no sand wise and could hold the amount of people. At this point in time, I don't think we will have 80 it will be more likely 60-70, but I still want the sky deck. I LOVE THE PIER, but I just could picture myself getting married on the pier then partying on the sky deck for the reception. Have you gone to look at the locations yet? The thing that is tricky with the sky deck as you probably read in the later post I wrote - the lig
  8. I am having a private dinner reception, and need some suggestions on food. I will not be able to try of the food options before the wedding. What did you do? Thanks!
  9. I am getting married at Generations in June 2016. We are having the ceremony on the pier and the reception on the sky deck. Do you have to buy the Christmas lights for the sky deck? I was pretty frustrated when I learned that it is dark up there at night, but they charge you for lighting... Thanks!
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