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  1. Something that might help calm people down is contacted the hotel and asking about their concerns and if they are doing anything to help reduce the other all risk. surprisingly our hotel is very proactive about reducing the risk of zika at the resort, which makes sense as this affects their business. They are taking additional measure to make the hotel is Zika free. the response i got from them was so details it definitely brought some additional relief and everyone else i've shared the response with is definitely feeling more at ease, this includes my finance who was freaking out about zika for our guest. Now he's 100% on board and no longer worried. be proactive and share with people so that they dont freak out on their own. We went through our Zika scare, but now we're at a place where *knock on wood* zika isnt really an issue we're currently worrying about.
  2. has anyone heard anything about Zika in the dominican republic? talked to any local doctors etc?
  3. Hi Ladies, Wanted to start a tread for Melia bride for 2016. Also anyone else who got married previously there, if you have any tips or recommendations. Info about me - I'm set to get married at Melia October 22nd 2016; targeting for a group of 70 guest. Some random questions: Hair and makeup? are you guys going with the resort salon? Wedding favors? Menu and Food?
  4. Hi ladies, Question did you guys use a travel agency or do this on your own? how was the booking process?
  5. @@swalker7979 i'm in the same boat as you. did you contact them yet? Just got engaged last month and looking at Melia for next October. I started a topic at Dominican Republic tread. hopefully we can both get more info
  6. Hi Ladies, I'm a newbie and just started my wedding planning process. I grew up in the DR but live in the states now. Naturally I wanted to go back home to get married. I am looking at Melia Caribe Tropical as it seems the most affordable for guest without sacrificing quality not to mention its looks amazing. I was wondering if anyone had additional details on pricing. I'm looking to get married October 2016 and wanted to start finalizing location by the year end. Has anyone have a medium size wedding (75 guest)? Is there a cost per head for a private reception and the ceremony? What kind of group rates were available for guest? Did the hotel do any additional comp for extra business you brought in with your guest? like offer free welcoming reception or free hotel nights etc (i did look at hardrock and they had a comp for the number of nights the wedding party booked) Also Photographers & videographers, recommendations? Also was there additional costs to bring someone from the outside? Did anyone have a photobooth? Flowers? DJ? Any information will be help as i'm working on our budget and we're looking to save as much as possible. Thank you in advance!
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