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    I love animals especially dogs. I have a Rottweiler who I adore. Love looking at model homes. It gives me plenty of decor ideas for my new home. Love the outdoors, landscaping, watching HGTV, TLC, and Lifetime channels.

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    May 08, 2016
  1. Quick update. Wedding is still on but we have to move the date. Our wedding planner will be reaching out to all of our vendors to reschedule. Hopefully, either April, May, or June of next year. I am a bit bummed but it is what it is and for the best.
  2. I will be checking in with TAs this week for flights and hotels. Thanks ladies. My cake. I should be booking the cake vendor this week. My design will look something like this: The edible cake is a decorated sheet cake with rosettes to mimic the dummy cake. Flavors I am thinking of is Vanilla Brandy, Vanilla with Strawberry filling, Butter Cream and Caramel, or just plain vanilla. Next up are florals and decor. YAY! This should be a lot of fun. Booked: Wedding Planner/DOC Venue (ceremony & reception) Photographer Videographer Booking pending: Baker Hotel
  3. The goal is to get the best rate for both flights and rooms. My DW planner was able to secure a room block with a hotel and I just received the agreement. However, it appears as if I and my fiance may be on the hook for a minimum amount of rooms and a cancellation fee that could be uber expensive. I sent back a whole gaggle of questions to better clarify the agreement to the hotel's event/group sales manager to clarify. If I am correct, then it makes sense for our guests to just book directly with the hotel since if a cancellation occurs they would just need to cancel within 48 hours of th
  4. Yep so going with my "show" cake for the pics and will be having a butter cream cake waiting in the kitchen for consumption. So happy to have my butter cream cake. Quick updates: Waiting on the room block agreement from the hotel. My planner will be going to the venue with the tent vendor to see about design for the reception space. One of her team is working on finding the music vendors. Three and a half months to go. I do have a question. I need to make the reservations for flights. Should I use a travel agent if all I need to do is to book flights?
  5. LOL! I hear you. I really want to be able to enjoy all of my cake. The reason I was given is actually the same rationale for what I was told from the bakers here in the States. A buttercream cake will melt in the heat and humidity unless it is kept in a cool place. Since I am having an outdoor event in PR I am being strongly encouraged to go with a fondant cake. I am considering getting a sheet cake using buttercream and the flavors I desire and just having a "fake" cake put on the table for the decor/wow factor for photographs and video.
  6. OK. Work has been a bear but I've made some progress with the DW planning. Adding to my booked list is the videographer and venue. The next few items my planner is working on is the hotel rooms, cake, and event design.
  7. My photographer is booked. YAY! The venue proposal came in last night. The estimated cost is great. I am so happy with it. It is based on a hypothetical menu but the intent was to give me a number to work with. I also had a few follow up questions. So now I am just waiting for the answers including the deposit amount to secure my date and then the venue is a definite check. YESSS!!!! One thing I am a bit bummed out by is the cake. I just completely didn't think about the fact that I would be in a tropical place and getting a buttercream wedding cake would not be a good idea. Thus
  8. By the end of this week I will have my photographer and hopefully my venue. The venue I want is available. YAY! My planner visited the site this past weekend and called me via FaceTime. The venue's event manager was there as well. They showed me where the ceremony and reception would take place as well as showed me the grounds. I am super excited. We are just waiting on the proposal now and then the venue is a check!
  9. Woohoo! So two of the three photographers are available for my date. My planner is going to send their packages over to me tonight (hopefully) for review by myself and my FH. I hope to book one by the end of this week. Still waiting on the venues...
  10. My wedding planner is off and running. Because we only have 5 1/5 months to plan we are behind the eight ball for sure. I am also super nervous since the date we chose is a popular one and it is during the high travel time in the PR. The priorities right now is the book the officiant, photographer, videographer, and of course the venue. This past Saturday we had a FaceTime session. She presented me with two to three possible vendors in all planning categories. We looked at the priority vendors together and I had her look at my Pinterest boards so she could see how I am envisioning my wed
  11. @@jackyrae - One of my BMs said something similar to what you said. She said our love is not traditional so it makes sense for us to have a DW, something wonderful, different, and special. I hope your treatment goes well and that you are able to set a hard date sooner rather than later. @@MarieSamSanchezPhoto - Thank you. Good things do come to those who wait.
  12. Couple of reception inspiration pics: Couple of bouquet pics: I told my wedding planner I would like to use soft pastels for the wedding but that is not set in stone. I love jeweled tone colors too! Decisions, decisions... Couple of cake inspiration pics: I LOVE cakes. I may need to get one just for me. LOL! Back to Destination Wedding Planning Journal
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