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  1. Those look great!! I wish my baggage charge wasn't so crazy ! I think if I took the rocks it would be way to heavy with all the other stuff we have, we have 58 so far and a few last minute people who I'm sure will tack on , so we picked the buffet , and we will add the open bar for the extra 2 hours, I wish someone would talk to me lol so stressful waiting till the last minute! Where is your reception site?
  2. Those are two cute! Great idea, was a seating plan a must do ? How many people are you having? I'm trying to avoid it lol.... are you making your own centerpieces?
  3. Are you having a buffet meal?! I was trying to avoid this who seat plan thing.... What are your plans for a center piece ? I have Ana so far hopefully it isn't switched sorry this is so annoying for you so close to the wedding date!!! I wish we could get some answers, my wedding is May 20 and I only know that my reception site is confirmed. How did the lights work out for you? @@samFEB2016
  4. amberpetersen35@hotmail.com thank you so much!
  5. hello ladies My wedding date is set here for May 20 2016, did anyone get the "extras " price list ?!?! of have any helpful tips ?!
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