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  1. @@calgarybride2015 - Nope she hadn't gotten it insured yet - not sure why. She was LIVID though. I didn't even bring my engagement ring down to Cancun with me for my wedding. I got a fake CZ made on Etsy and used that, hah! I took my real wedding band though since I wouldn't have been as heart broken if that had gotten lost/stolen.
  2. @@Sophiebride - I chose BP for a lot of different reasons! To name a few - I liked the skydeck, I'd never been to Cancun but always wanted to go, they have great wedding packages, the beach is big and beautiful, there are rooftop pools, and the hotel is close by the airport (about 20 mins away)! I ended up being more than overjoyed at how our wedding turned out. The only other hotel I've been to from your list for a wedding is Azul Fives in Playa del Carmen. This hotel is quite a bit more laid back and secluded than Beach Palace, and is about 45 to 60 minutes away from the airport. The
  3. @FutureMrsGarcia @ - Zaray was my wedding coordinator and she was amazing! Very professional and thorough.
  4. @@Danielle1 - Glad it all sorted itself out! I definitely know what you mean about wanting a special place for the reception. I felt the same way. So exciting that it's coming up soon! No need to stress, it will all turn out great. We planned ours in less than 5 months and had the best time!
  5. @@Danielle1 - Hmmm from what I recall the cocktail hour stations don't take up that much room. The Sky Bar space is a big rectangle, with one of the short sides of the rectangle facing the ocean and the other short side facing the lagoon. In the middle of the rectangle there is a kidney bean shaped pool going longways. My guess for how they'd set your reception up is by having the dinner buffet station on the lagoon short side of the rectangle. The cocktail hour buffet station would likely be on the other side (i.e. the ocean view short side of the rectangle). The 10 tables will probably
  6. @@Danielle1 - so sorry to hear this. They shouldn't just be able to "move locations" on you. Hope everything gets resolved! Just a thought, if you're concerned about location changes, maybe you can leave locations off your invites and put them on an itinerary instead? From experience, we ended up changing some things on our itinerary after we toured the property. We realized we needed to be more explicit on how you access the Palenque Terrace for our reception (since it's behind the elevators on a certain floor). Our onsite wedding coordinator reprinted them for us in color after we mad
  7. @@laurag85 - Yikes that's a steep price! You should be able to extend your reception. Originally they had only booked our reception from 6pm to 8pm, and I didn't realize it. So the day we got onsite and met our WC i FREAKED out when I realized it was only two hours. We wanted it to last as long as possible - and 10pm is the latest they'll let you go on the Palenque. But....of course that came with a catch. We had to pay for extra time for our lighting and for our DJ. Overall the incremental cost wasn't that bad, although we would have shelled out for the extra time even if it were bad.
  8. @@laurag85 - who is charging you to set up decorations? Your Beach Palace wedding coordinator, or the outside vendor? I'm curious because my BP WC didn't charge us anything to set up decorations. Granted, that only consisted of a few favors, our guestbook, a sign, and a couple of baskets of flip flops. The rest of our decorations (including centerpieces) were one of the Beach Palace collections. I didn't love the idea of providing my credit card information on the authorization form or giving them a photocopy of my card. But at some point they do have to charge your card and need your
  9. @@laurag85 - congrats that's so exciting and coming up so soon! Your WC should be sending you a purchase order listing all the costs for the various items you booked. My biggest piece of advice is DETAIL REVIEW the heck out of that purchase order. Make sure you look at times and locations on each sheet as well (my original WC booked all times and locations incorrectly). Also as a tip your fiance and best man don't need to do any of the set up if they don't want to - you can tell your WC exactly how you want things set up and he/she will have their team do it for you! @@SunshineDreamKay -
  10. @@Danielle1 - I think they technically serve drinks there from 9am to 1am. I think the latest our group stayed out was 1am so I didn't noticed them closing anything on us. Although the servers did leave around midnight so you'd have to go to the bar to get your own drink. Also one night they were cleaning the pool and kicked us out of the pool around 10pm. They don't do that if there's a big group there though! Yes, only one side open to the public - you can definitely go over to the other side any time you want! @@FutureMrsGarcia - Haha sounds like you have a fun crowd going wit
  11. @@FutureMrsGarcia - so true about the partying all night thing! Our reception was from 6 to 10pm on the Palenque, and they abruptly turned off our music at 10pm (although thankfully it was the last song anyway). We made an announcement on the mic that an after party would be held at the Sky Bar and that everyone should change into their bathing suits to swim! IT. WAS. AWESOME. Such a fun after party.
  12. @@Danielle1 - sounds like a good plan! Yeah - I know when we first talked about doing it a lot of people said they wouldn't miss it......and then ended up not being able to make it for one reason or another! 75 is a lot though, especially so far in advance! You should have a great time!!
  13. @@Danielle1 - The sky bar north has a pool as well, and both are open for the day. At night, they kind of barricade your side off with tables for the buffet, dj, etc. However, note that the other side of the sky bar WILL be open to the general public. Also, there is a women's bathroom on the sky bar south side and a men's bathroom on the sky bar north side. So, there will likely be people sneaking over from the other side to use the bathroom on your event side. I know there was a wedding on the Sky Bar the same night as our rehearsal dinner - we all partied on the sky bar afterwards and s
  14. @@Danielle1 - 200 people?!?!? I can't even picture how that could be physically possible, but I guess they know better than me. I just can't imagine all the tables and a large enough dance floor being able to fit. But like I said, they should know better than me. To give you some idea - you should check out this pinterest board, especially the aerial view and the sky bar pictures. https://www.pinterest.com/allinclusivegal/beach-palace/ Also, watch the video at this link - you can see the aerial view of a setup of a wedding on the sky bar south: http://weddings.palaceresorts.com/
  15. @@Danielle1 - Sorry I think you asked this before and I translated "rehearsal" to "reception" in my head ! We did not have any centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner. We pretty much did a no-frills rehearsal dinner - no music, no decor, etc. I think everyone had a good time and nobody really noticed or cared about the lack of decor. It was mostly just a fun dinner to welcome everyone - and my husband and I gave quick speeches thanking everyone for coming (sans microphone). Any update from your WC on size of your reception location?
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