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  1. Laurena1229

    Toronto (Gta) Brides Meet Up?!

    Hi Ladies!!!! I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, but I came to the meet up last year. I just wanted to check in with everyone and see how everything went since all of us have tied the knot! So excited to hear from all of you and Congratulations everyone! Sorry for going MIA. I had a really great time with you girls, hoping to do it again one day I'm so excited to catch up on everyone's threads and read reviews.
  2. Laurena1229

    Toronto (Gta) Brides Meet Up?!

    It was great meeting you all, dying for the pics please!
  3. Laurena1229

    Toronto (Gta) Brides Meet Up?!

    and the sun is out!
  4. Laurena1229

    Toronto (Gta) Brides Meet Up?!

    Hi Everyone! So do we have a reservation under anyone's name as yet? I might also be able to meet you ladies there around 5:30. Good thing we picked somewhere with an indoor space as well, looking at the weather we may have some rain tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to tomorrow!!
  5. Laurena1229

    Toronto (Gta) Brides Meet Up?!

    I'm in too!
  6. Laurena1229

    Toronto (Gta) Brides Meet Up?!

    Hi Ladies!! I'm so delayed in getting caught up on these threads! Thanks @@snswedding2016 for the heads up about this thread, so glad I caught it in time. I am free August 14th and always down for a good drink (or 5) especially on a Friday night . So is O&B our spot for that date? I work in Liberty Village and I'm very new to commuting, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. So O&B at 7pm on August 14th? So excited to meet you ladies :-)
  7. Hi Ladies! So excited to finally begin planning this thing. @@Lilgabri03, your trailer is amazing! You looked great, Congrats!! @@ashhtayy we are totally wedding twins! I was hoping maybe some of you could help me out. I'm totally at a loss with beginning the planning process. What are some of you ladies doing in terms of the packages? Are any of you doing a private event? I am a bit confused with the packages as it says semi-private dinner in one of the restaurants. Is that something we have to do for our reception? I would like the meals to be served at the tables our guests will be seated at during our reception at our reception location, but I guess that means that we would need to then host a private event. So can the semi private dinner option be used for something else such as a welcome dinner? What are you ladies doing? Private events? Memorable moments? Always and forever? The memorable moments packages seem good, its just that its very limited for the number of guests. Like the ceremony chairs are covered up to 24 guests under that package and an additional $15 per chair for every chair after that?! Seriously!? For the reception it might work as it covers three tables and we can add more, but that could be costly. Not sure if its better to build on the always and forever package and add certain elements or to go with the memorable moments package and just add more tables. @@ashhtayy our guest lists will be about the same size, do you know what you will be doing? I did look into attending the brides dress rehearsal a few months ago, but it didnt work out. My FI and I are looking to hopefully visit the resort in September - might see you there @@snswedding2016. I checked to see if there were any dates available for the BDR and its sold out for 2015! I would really like to go scope it out, theres pros and cons of doing that though especially if you are locked in already. I'm paronoid that I would go and find a reason that I would think my guests wouldnt like about it. *Positive thoughts Laurena* Its the people pleaser inside of me..one thing I am worried about is the beach. The seaweed has been an issue in some areas not just in Mexico, but Mexico seems to have been getting the worst of it. I've seen some places get it pretty bad, but its not the resorts fault. I'm sure they're doing what they can to make sure the beach is usable. Good ol mother nature. There's alot of us from Toronto, it would be great to all meet up and have some drinks this summer!
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm semi-new to this forum (cant say I haven't creeped for the past few months) and finally I have decided to go ahead and put a request in with our travel agent for July 2016 with a wedding date of July 20th at Azul Fives! I noticed we have a lot of brides in this forum in Toronto which is where I'm from as well . I don't have facebook so I haven't been able to read the posts on the FB forum, but so far this thread has helped a lot. When I originally started looking into destination weddings I was overwhelmed, but no matter how many quotes we got back from different resorts I just didn't see anything that I found as gorgeous as the sky deck at Azul Fives or anything that was close to a budget that seemed reasonable for our guests. I did look into Sensatori, but I wanted something close to Playa Del Carmen and Azul Beach was more expensive than I had hoped. Azul Fives just seems to fit exactly what I am looking for. Hopefully everything comes together that way. I've been reading reviews endlessly and a lot of them are hit or miss, there really is no in between. Thankfully I don't think we have too much of a picky group (or atleast lets hope not). I haven't been assigned a wedding coordinator yet, we just finally agreed on a quote and are now in the process of requesting the date for the wedding which I was informed was available. I know I would like to have the sky deck I just haven't decided if I want it for the ceremony or the reception (or both). I like the idea of the privacy, but the fees are a bit insane especially since we would like to extend the reception. Has anyone had any luck with negotiating the fees? I think we will be having at least 60 guests from both Toronto and New York. Has anyone visited the resort yet? I think this forum is going to be highly addictive lol