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  1. hi @tiffany27. quick question. when you tried the cake what flavor did you like best? I am still trying to figure that out but with not having tried any im not sure which one to pick! thank you!
  2. Hi Everyone! Quick question is everyone having their cocktail hour AFTER their wedding ceremony or before the ceremony then the ceremony then the reception dinner. Im confused LOL Not sure when I should do it!
  3. Im not sure. But my dad was going to do this but he found out it cost $120 for the pass and it only allows them to come to the wedding and that is all. And there is a time frame for them to stay so they cant come to the rehearsal dinner or anything. Its really not worth it in my opinion because they wont get to spend as much time with everyone else
  4. @@stephygirl thank you so much! I think I am just going to stick with Having BP setup the dinner! And I might just have Latinasia setup lighting. Did you by any chance have music playing in the background? Did you just use an ipod player?
  5. thank you @@stephygirl. Did you have a vendor setup tables or did beach palace do that for you?? If so, can you please send me some pictures! I am so torn. I really want to have a dinner to thank our guest but If I go with latinasia for setup its going to cost around another $1k.
  6. @stephygurl Thanks so much for the feedback! I actually think we are going to choose the French menu.I am not sure if I missed it, but where did you have your rehearsal dinner? What location? I am thinking about having one but I am not sure the cost. Is it the same ( $55/PP) as the reception dinner? Thanks!!
  7. @@stephygirl what buffet option did you choose for your reception dinner? There are so many choices!!
  8. hi @@Jenjennyjen I am getting married at beach palace. and according to my wedding contract book 30-59 room nights and receive 1 hour cocktail reception book 60-74 room nights and receive 2 hour private function book 75 room nights and receive unlimited private functions And earn one complimentary room and one complimentary upgrade for every 10 paid rooms in your wedding group. Hope this helps!!
  9. Thanks everyone so much!!! Yes Danielle please let us know how everything goes!!!
  10. hey everyone! because I am now doing the complimentary package I no longer have a violinist included in my package. ( which is now $551 USD per 45 minutes!!) what is everyone doing for music for when they walk down the aisle?? Do they have an ipod player??
  11. hey! who is everyone using for photo's? anyone know who is a preferred vendor at the resort so I don't have to pay an outside vendor fee!
  12. @@Danielle1 thanks so much for the advice. I do not qualify for the 75 room nights! However, I think doing the cocktail hour will be a lot cheaper! Also I wanted you guys to see what I am doing for my wedding invites. I have contacted the owner and she responded very quickly. I think they are so cute for a destination wedding! https://weddingpassports.com/rsvp-designs/#!prettyPhoto
  13. hey girls! I was wondering about a welcome dinner too. I asked my WC how much it would cost if I had a dinner on the beach for everyone. She said the cost is $63/pp!! As much as I want to do this for my guest. There is no way I can afford an additional dinner. She also told me that the restaurant does not take reservations, so if I want a welcome dinner we just have to show up and wait! I was so annoyed. what are you all doing??
  14. Hi @@tinks13 latin asia is an approved vendor. they have been GREAT to work with. They respond very quickly!
  15. Hi @! I just got an e-mail from latin asia! They are quoting me $1,100 LESS than the hotel collection. I am going to be using them. However quick question. The collection came with a violinist to play while I walk down the isle. Now that I am not going to be using the collection, what is everyone doing for music for the ceremony???
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