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  1. Lol! I've looked into January. Then February. Then April. Now May. I looked at doing it at Majestic Elegance. And Dreams Resorts. But because of my research with prices I couldn't book it. Then I booked with Grand Palladium. Packages were great, TripAdvisor reviews and pictures seemed good; but I had a family member travel there and she did not enjoy it much. So I cancelled that and switched to Memories Splash. Her email is: KRISTIN.ARMSTRONG@FLIGHT CENTRE.CA Hope I kind of helped you out. Although I know Kristin will be doing it all! Good luck! Feel free to ask me any thing else. I can help you as much as I can given we are pretty much on the same stage for planning.
  2. Oh no. The reason why I ask is because I can refer you to my TA! She's been very helpfull since day one with me. I've changed my dates twice and the resort twice! Plus she's also given me an option to change the price if I see it drop. She's in Mississauga though. Not that it's a HUGE deal because a lot of it is through email. But just a thought. But May is usually a time where price drops in comparison to March and etc.
  3. I'm booked to leave Toronto in May 2017! My guests who are looking to travel with at least 1 roommate is looking at about 1500 taxes in.
  4. I'm looking to do a catholic wedding too! Actually a catholic renewal of vows since my husband and I have been civilly married. I've looked into The Royalton in Montego Bay! They help you with everything! Even finding the church and transportation. Let me know how it goes!
  5. My husband and I have been civilly married already but we want to renew our vows under the Catholic Church in Punta Cana. Has anyone ever done this before? How did you go about it?
  6. Hello I was wondering if anyone knew where the location of this church is? And what the church is called? I was told it is in the Dominican Republic - Punta Cana; apparently. Is anyone able to confirm? TIA!
  7. My husband and I civilly got married at city hall and because we are Catholic we are looking to get married in a church as well. Anyone know any destinations/resorts that have a church near or in them?
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