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  1. I'm still lost after reading all of this Already got married in DR. Got the Marriage certificate, in Spanish What do I need to do now that I am home? Just get in translated and take to service ontario?
  2. If you had your wedding here recently or have on upcoming, can you please PM me
  3. ^^^You're lucky, they pretty much do not privatize restaurants anymore.
  4. Thanks. My wedding is in January 2017. Invitations are going out within the next 2 weeks. So far 2 have bailed and I am possibly expecting 2 members of my potential wedding party to bail as well due to the same issue. Would definitely suck but we will go ahead and see what happens.
  5. Hope things go smoothly for you Leanne We are waiting to see the full effect of Zika when we send out our invites. So far I have had one immediate family member bail already and invites are not even out. We will see what happens. Like you we gave people a heads up about cost over 1 year in advance.
  6. Anyone booking for 2017 concerned about this? I just got one potential cancellation from an immediate family member.
  7. Anyone who is booking here for 2017, can you comment on whether they are charging you to have your reception in a private restaurant?
  8. Has anyone else booked this resort for 2017? If so could you please send me a private message? I have some questions I am hoping you can help with.
  9. Is there anyone who was married here recently that can comment on what venue you had your reception in? What there an extra charge?
  10. Hey Tpenner. No worries. We have been considering Mayan as well. Honestly as long as it is a nice resort for my guests and reasonably priced I don't care. I just don't want people spending all that money for a mediocre resort or bad food etc.
  11. Thanks a lot Leslie. That doesn't sound good as I was hoping to get a Dreams Resort in the budget Canadian dollar sucks so much right now. It also sucks that you can get these resorts last minute for $1500 but it is $2000 in advance. I don't mind paying a lot for my own vacation but I don't want to put a massive cost on my guests
  12. I suppose it cannot hurt! Did you want to send it in a private message? Just curious, what other resorts you had considered? I have changed mine too (though it was not booked yet) We might consider April or May now....January we were told would not be too expensive but apparently we were wrong.
  13. Hi Leslie. I am in Toronto. Not sure if that will impact flight prices. I can't seem to find any resort ANYWHERE that I really like for $1800 per person or less. I am considering other islands too, Mexico, etc.. Jan- April...very flexible on dates. It is so hard.
  14. Hi Leslie! What resort/location did you book? Thanks. Just struggling to find good options!
  15. Just wondering if anyone else from Canada is looking to book and having a hard time finding decent prices for any nice resorts given the exchange rate? I am struggling to find something that I think is not too onerous for my guests....like $1800 per person CAD. Just doesn't seem doable unless I pick a really crappy resort.
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