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  1. Can someone clarify bringing real touch (silk bouquets) to DRC for the bridesmaid. I'm trying to save my budget... I have 5 bridesmaid and can't see paying the extra cost for bouquet for them. I rather use that money on decor. So are we allowed to bring silk flowers bouquets... I can't see the harm in that.
  2. @@smileitseb Positive thoughts! I tell my clients (brides) all the time... never stress about 'rain'... we only talk about the beauty of the day. Keep shining and take a deep breath and continue to work on your to do list. (Hug)
  3. TA is most recommended especially for the promotion for upgrades and free room stay.
  4. Okay dokey.... Thanks! Sorry I may of tagged wrong person.... Thanks for responding @@smileitseb Sooo my fiancé insist we have 5 bridesmaid and 5 groomsmen. Any suggestions about bouquets? And vendor ideas... to save on money definitely looking into real silk flowers for the girls. Anyone else have over 4 members in their bridal party? Please share....
  5. @@Sheaka I believe you mentioned you had 30+ people but aren't going with the Ultimate package. Since you aren't having a cocktail hour and makeup and hair and other tidbits the Ultimate offers. The Buffet from Silver plated is more... is that correct ? Or does it wash? And does anyone know if calculating from plated to buffet if I have 40 guest...whether I multiply the upgrade charge by the entire 40 or multiply only the additional over 20.
  6. Need clarity on guest booking outside of travel agent. Do anyone know whether or not that matters in regards to perks we'll receive from the resort? I have three couples that booked on their own (outside of the travel agent).. my thoughts are as long as I'm able to supply Dreams with their confirmation number... I should the credit they are with my group. Right? And by perks I mean upgraded room and hopefully upgraded room for our parents. And whatever else. I'm only concerned due to the travel agent being sick..my guest are opt to go with their own travel agent. Room rates are still climbing.
  7. Makeup and Hair Options for the week has beyond stress me out. My hair is mid length and after a couple days my curls get difficult to manage. I'm hoping by December my hair grows out of the bob cut. Because I know me... if my hair isn't right nothing will feel and look right and it'll be written all over my face. Boo!
  8. I cannot wait to hear about your weddings!! Seems like your dates came quick.
  9. I've been hearing great things about the mailer haven't seen it. Please repost or email it to me please at Teamsutton2015@yahoo.com
  10. Thanks for sharing... we have approximately 41 guest and I think it's interesting you aren't going with Ultimate package. What have you decided about cocktail hour music or did you switch that out for something else? Does anyone or did any of the past brides use real touch (silk) flowers for their bridal parties bouquets? If so where did you find a deal at? Funny thing I coordinate weddings on the side and I have a client getting married Sept 20th in Chicagoland area. It's actually keeping me calm on things for my own wedding since I have to keep my client *the bride* stress-free. Ha!
  11. *throws confetti* WhoooHoooo!!! CONGRATS!! I'm getting married 12-11-15 we must stay in touch. I've learned so much from this thread. I'm truly grateful. [emoji2]
  12. Love it! I jus saw the maraca key chains and I saw maraca ink pens. Im drawing straws now on which one. Lol I jus returned from Dollartree and purchased one of the power blue tote bag. Gonna let it sit around the house and see if it grows on me before deciding if I want to go that route or something else. Thanks for sharing!
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