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  1. I am getting married here in August. We are doing a morning ceremony at the Gazebo and dinner at the Picis. For me it was a no brainer, I wanted to enjoy the outdoor setting on the beach, in a private setting. It all depends on your preferences, group size and budget! What way are you leaning?
  2. IzzyDeeekeep me posted on how everything goes! I am staying at the RIU Montego Bay for my second week in Jamaica for my honeymoon!!
  3. So some handy info ladies, you now can scan and email your notarized birth certificates and passports to the planner. I just sent in our notarized long form BC's and didn't know we had to do passports too. At least saving the money on couriers!!
  4. IzzyDeee I am doing my second week in Jamaica for my honeymoon at the Riu in Montego!! You will have to share how it is! I love your pics, amazing finds. We are doing similar, more lavender/lilac with grey and a couple pops of lime green. As for hidden costs, just ask and keep asking the resort. I like having everything in writing for backup. I am getting a "free wedding" at my resort but because I want a fully private reception I am paying $2,500 USD. That's for 4 hours of private resturaunt, the dinner, cake, service, DJ, Dancing, Mic etc etc. We have about 50 guests so I didnt want to do my reception in a semi private setting. I know at the Bahia, we are to make everything on CDs.
  5. Hi Leanne! I am getting married at Grand Bahia in August 2015!! Have you seen the forum "Any grand Bahia brides out there?" Its about 550 pages but it contains so much helpful information. There are posts a few years back but there are some new brides on there now bringing back the posts. As for favours my FI and I are making everyone t-shirts and travel mugs! We have a group of about 50 so far so now everyone can recognize each other and not have to drink out of the little resort cups! hehe Can't wait to hear more about everyone's 2015 weddings
  6. Hi Ladies! I am a 2015 bride (August), you are next week!! Let me know how it goes, I am so excited to hear!!! Hi Cam! I am a 2015 bride (August), you are next week!! Let me know how it goes, I am so excited to hear!!!
  7. At first I had a very hard time getting them to respond, but i purchased an international phone card and then I called and since then they have been very good at responding! I have heard the Piscis is buggy so I will for sure bring some bug spray for my guests. I have a friend who does photography as a hobby and I am just going to use him. He isn't a pro so they can't charge me, and then if the resort photogs suck, at least I have his to work with. I have 5 months to go, time is flying!!!
  8. From what I have read, the Picis has the most tropical feel as it is right on the beach and its open air. I agree with you about photography, I have a friend who does it as a hobby so he has offered to take pics. I can't justify thousands of dollars!! I like your style about the hair and makeup. I think I am going to do the same!
  9. I have my wedding scheduled for Aug 24, 2015. We were given an 11 am ceremony which also stressed me out a little but from what I read, that's the best time for the photos - for the colours etc. We booked the Picis grill for our reception from 630-1030 and then plan to hit up the disco/. I'm still so torn about what to do about hair and makeup and photography, what are you ladies doing?
  10. Hi Ladies! I am just beginning to book my wedding for August 2015. I know there are some older threads, but hoping that there are some brides willing to share their tips and what they did recently? We will be a group of 30-40. Thanks so much in advance!!!
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