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  1. It's the distance and finances. Everyone appeared to be in support of the marriage. I have been with some rotten apples, and I found my golden apple. He's amazing. I'm sure close relatives know this. I just think everyone is so caught up in themselves. It's ok. After talking with him and some of the ladies on here I'm more at peace than I was last week with it. We will see them when we get back for the reception. Hopefully no one wants to give us the guilt trip. Because everyone had invites and plenty of time to plan. They made a conscious decision not to share that day with us. The crazy th
  2. Thanks I am getting married 10/20/14 in Grand Turks. This was no surprise wedding. We planned for a year. My family is near Chicago and I'm 3 hours away. My family is not as close as I'd like. But I expected at the least mom, dad, brother sister on both sides of the family. His family is in an uproar because they can't afford to go. But everyone had plenty of time to plan and budget. Friends - that's a whole mess. One minute they're going the next someone has a football game, you've decided 3 weeks prior to my wedding you're taking your kids on a different vacation. Hmm...I appreciate the feed
  3. Source: little by little, no one is coming ... i give up!
  4. I'm new here..was searching for so.e friendly advice. My wedding is in 3 weeks. No one is coming. No friends, no family, just my fiance and I. I've been going back and forth with my feelings and I try not to let him see how hurt I am over this. He doesn't care, he's marrying me and that's all that matters. I can't help but feel like everyone let me down. I show up for all graduations, ceremonies, parties, bon fire's, holidays. .you name it I'm there. No one has called, I went dress shopping with a co-worker. Lol...who I invited because she's been a good friend through this. I'm bummed durin
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