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  1. @@TheBHolders Thank you. I just requested to join the FB group. Any brides has Leide as their on-site coordinator? I think that is who I was assigned since she was the one who I am meeting with at the Site visit. Dying to hear about your site visit! Hope it was fabulous!
  2. @@jackielemman.. Thanks you are the best. You looked stunning I just looked at your photos. I contacted your photographer and I think I may go with her. I honesty can't thank you enough! @@TheBHolders Oh My gosh thank you thank you, thank you, thank you! Brenda is so sweet when she responds but I have ask for this list so many times and she just keeps send me brochures from Jsav and Yahabibi Florist.
  3. Mayra is also the lady I am working with as well as Brenda. It is finally handled I think. She kept switching available dates it was very frusterating. I will know more in the morning if it is actually booked this time fingers crossed, flights have doubled since we started trying to reserve our dates. Does anyone have the 2015 apporved vendor list? @@jackielemman Thank you so much! You have really helped me in so many ways by sharing your experience.
  4. @@jackielemman You are seriously my most favorite person on the plant right now. Your review has helped me so much! I have a few questions.. We are getting marrie 3/28/15 and I have had the hardest time getting them to schedule a site visit. Did you have a site visit? I feel like I am struggling so much getting answers and really hope that the site visit is the answer to many of my questions. Here are a few maybe you can help with. Did they charge you to bring your own decor? I see that the groomsmen set most of it up which is my plan as well. I would much rather spend money on other things. Who did your lighting or did you also bring that from home and have the men set it up? As far as the Bose sound system did they assist with that I read that you said your hubby wheeled it in but I wasn't sure what that entailed. Did you have a stage at your reception for dancing or was it fine without it? This may sound so silly but what $ did you tip the wedding coordinator on site? I want to be sure we do this as well but have no clue what is appropriate I would hate to be cheap with this, as they are the most important part of the big day running smoothly. Did you tip anyone else? Also I see that the company that does the DJ sent out prices for a bar set up did the resort have a bar set up free of charge or did you have to provide that? I really appreciate all your help, I can't seem to get a straight answer from my OC coordinator Brenda, while she is sweet it is always very vague. Was it difficult to book the site visit? We keep getting bounced around on dates, one second we are good then are told that we have to switch. It is so difficult to keep changing arrangements with work and a sitter as we already have children who will not be joining us. Who actually booked it for you? We keep getting bounced around. ;( Thank you in advance and have a fabulous time can't wait to hear how it goes. If I was to use you as a photographer how would that work with Moon Palace? They only have one photographer on "the list" apparently. They are a bit out of my price range too so upsetting.
  5. Have you been in touch with the priest yet? He seems very nice. He is sending me information about the ceremony and what readings we can pick from etc.
  6. I totally agree. I live in Las Vegas and it can happen here but I honestly think you should at the very least be given two options. I am so nervous about everything because it seems you are at their mercy. My husband to be is concerned that the pricing will all change drastically when we get there and we will be screwed I have 60 or so people coming and I wake up with nightmares all the time about it. Please tell me it was smooth... Can anyone who has already been married at Moon Palace confirm that prices you were given and services provided were accurate? My budget is about $15,000 and not a penny more. From the start Moon Palace seemed to be the most bang for your buck so to say but now I am second guessing everything after seeing the insane vendor pricing for DJ and Photo. I was told a number of things were included since we have more then 75 rooms booked only to find out that they actually just changed what is available for 2015 weddings. Now it seems you only get free room nights which I am not interested in so much. Anyways I am grasping at a glimmer that someone had a great EASY experience when it came to final billing and day of. Anyone??
  7. I was the same as you. It seems insane. I am a photogrpaher myself and for what you get their packages seem WAY over priced.
  8. We are having the Catholic Ceremony and my TA said the Venado terrace and Garden they said was closest if looking for an outdoor venue.
  9. I can't figure out the videographer either it shows one hour then mentions 5-10 minutes. So confusing and I can ever get a straight answer from anyone.
  10. So excited I bought one yesterday. A Mori Lee love love love it! Thanks for the suggestion. Btw I went over budget 1500$ before alterations but it is THE one. Thank you all for your help!!'
  11. We are getting married at Moon palace 3/28/15. Just received photographer pricing and I am floored. Does anyone have an opinion on Dream Art Photography? What package did you book. I am so overwhelmed with the DJ and photographer I am honestly in shock. Considering bringing my own photographer from home. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.
  12. Hi I just found this site and have been reading forums now for over 2 hours. I am getting married in Cancun at the Moon Palace Resort 3/28/15. I have yet to purchase my dress. I honestly am so stressed about it. I want a dress that will travel well and isn't over priced. My budget is about $1,000total including alterations. Any suggestions on designers. I have looked at Alfred Angelo and tried designers such as Maggie Sottero. HELP I am really running out of time.
  13. What reception venue did you pick if you are having the catholic ceremony? I am struggling with this. We are already booked for the Catholic ceremony.
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