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  1. I had the Eternity package and Juan Carlos told me I could choose 2 entrees to offer people. They had to be chosen in advance and indicated on the wedding planning form that you'll submit to your WC one month before the wedding. Then you'll need some way to notify the waiter who gets what dish - I used a cow and a fish stamp on my place cards. I would just email Ramon and make sure he is ok with this.
  2. Thanks Tammy, I try to focus on the positive, but it's hard to see and hear about all the other perfect weddings everyone else had. I think I need to leave the facebook group for Now Brides because I'm getting tired of the constant reminder. Hopefully no one else has to experience rain on their wedding day, because it sucks.
  3. brides who have gotten married on the tequila terrace beach area: can you tell me approx how long it took for you to walk over the terrace, down the stairs, and up the aisle? I'd like to be able to time it so I'm at the aisle during the course of my song.. if that's at all possible!
  4. @@AmandaU I can't wait to tell you about it! I have personally spoke to Juan and asked him how much the outside vendor fee is (for my DJ) and he told me $300 + tax. I can't comment on the outside florist, I heard others say that they used to just meet them outside of the resort to avoid the fee, but then the resort caught on and doesn't allow it anymore. I'm just going easy on the flowers bec I can't justify spending hundreds on them!
  5. @@ashlynm88 oh no, people are cancelling?! They must have only paid deposits so far? My guests are all paid in full, so no one will be cancelling unless they want to lose $1800! lol. Well, on the bright side, that means less that you guys have to pay for extra people! We have 32 in total.
  6. @@ashlynm88 thank you, that does help! I especially had no idea what types of flowers were more or less expensive.. I don't know anything about flowers!! I'm starting to think maybe I'll just do white roses as well. Of course the other ones I like best are all the expensive ones that you listed off! Your wedding is the day before mine! I'm at tequila terrace, where is yours?
  7. I'm looking for flower suggestions for mine and my bridesmaid's bouquets. I have the Eternity Package, but don't like the examples from the wedding book. I'm not really a fan of pink flowers, but maybe some coral.. Has anyone had an all-white bouquet? I need an idea of what other options I have in the package's price range. If anyone has suggestions or could share pictures of theirs I would appreciate it!
  8. I'd like to have all my guests meet for a "welcome dinner" on the first day we arrive. We obviously don't want to pay extra for this, being an AI resort.. I've heard of people just telling their group to meet at the Buffet all at the same time and hoping for the best or maybe giving a nice tip to the waiters and hoping they move some tables together for you. Any suggestions on the best way to go about this? Thanks in advance!
  9. thanks for this info! I'd like to do rectangle tables, in a U shape for 30 people.. do you think there would be enough room on tequila terrace for this?
  10. Hey, I'm just trying to find out how to make my hair appointment. Who did you contact? Thanks!
  11. Wondering how I go about making hair appointments at the salon? Can I email someone? Thanks!
  12. @@KatieMcBride did they add tax onto the order on the website? and are the prices in USD? (they don't tell you either of these things on the website) I have a bridal shop here who carries this same stuff and orders from this site, but since they're covering the customs and exchange rate - they mark up the prices substantially... I'm trying to figure out if it would actually be cheaper for me to just order the 3 suits I need online myself!
  13. Does anyone have the table measurements (for the purpose of purchasing table clothes)?
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