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  1. I am getting married in June...was wondering why you chose Las Mareas? Was the package, ala carte, etc, better offered versus Riu Palace?
  2. I am planning my wedding, but only see one option for the ceremony location, is that right?
  3. Hello, I am in major confused mode right now! my thoughts when planning the wedding would be thst I woul pay my own way and the cost of the wedding, but I am told I am respo sible for paying for all of the rooms upfront, is that right? And if so, how does that work when my guest book and pay? Also, what is the major difference between the palace and the riu guanacasta? Thanks!!
  4. @@ccoburn142 I am planning a wedding for June 2015 and having a hard time deciding between the two resorts of Riu. My wedding will have about 60 guests, but I want to bring my own photographer and DJ, do you know if they will work with me on those extras? Thank you I advance!
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    I am swamped with ideas and questions!!
  6. Planning a DW is stressful when you're impatient and forgetful

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