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  1. Now Larimar in Punta Cana...February 18, 2015! Don't put off booking....we booked the first of June and couldn't get the reception area we wanted and some of the room categories were gone
  2. I read some suggestions to get some nice vases( maybe plastic) fill with sand/ shells...and have the bridesmaids put their bouquets in for the reception as table decorations.
  3. Some of the pics without the chair sashes look great so I'm starting to think no chair sashes also. I probably am going to splurge on some flowers though...was going to do a dyi for the bridesmaids bouquets but the fresh tropical flower ones look so great. Is anyone else getting the divine package? Are you adding a photographer ?
  4. I have her too...you should ask her to send you the spreadsheet as she will add things on it that you have agreed on...location , meals, flowers etc. I wonder if some things can be changed once you are there if you see something that another bride has done that you like better than something you have picked.
  5. Yes with kids they would definitely want a break. Pic on tripadvisor of the plain set up of the beach ceremony. Really pretty! I'm hoping to get the secrets beach gazebo as we have no kids going but after seeing that pic would be ok with that too. With the divine package I picked the saxaphonist....hope we get some song suggestions as I can't seem to find any songs that I know he can play...
  6. That was my dilemma too but after thinking it over agree with you...don't want people waiting around plus if it is a 5 o'clock wedding with cocktails right after there should be some awesome sunset pics during that time. Will probably get some first look pics beforehand.
  7. Congrats jyingl! What dyi are you thinking of making? I was thinking flower balls and chair markers but wondering if it is worth it to try to pack them etc.. The wc will send you a spreadsheet with your own package etc...I find it takes at least 2 to 3 days for her to get back to me but hopefully it will be quicker as we get closer.
  8. Saw a pic on a site with wedding set up images at Secrets...the sashes were tied to the side of the isle chairs, draped down and tied with a pretty flower marker...really liked it. On that note I didn't realize we could book the beach gazebo at Secrets as we have no kids at our wedding...emailed the wc to see if we can change...much more private...has anyone seen it?
  9. Hi Drnelly....what sites have you looked at for decorations? Crappy..I didn't realize either that you had to pay for sashes at both places.we are also doing the beach and the terrace.
  10. Thought about the bridal room but that means dragging everything out of the room so opted not . Anyone know if the saxophonist is still included in the divine package? Sun wing description says 2hour dj instead. Have asked the wc but no reply yet.
  11. Yay! Happy to see a page for 2015 Now brides! Booked with the Divine package for February 18, 2015. Beach ceremony and carnival terrace reception ( wanted the pool but already booked)...still don't know whether to go with a dj after (about 36 guests) or watch the show and head to the disco. Bit confused about the decoration costs too...love the flower balls but 80 each seems steep so thinking of DIY . Looking forward to our planning!
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