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  1. Who are you guys using for photos and dj? Can we start an email chain or some sort of chat? Can can save so much money if we do this all together. I booked a trip to the resort for dec to sit down with them. I hope to see some weddings while I am there as well that's why I am a little hesitant on booking anything at the moment without seeing their options @ projectwayne2015 @@puravida2015 can we set up a call with the 3 of us? Dj would bring own equipment I would think it depends. There will be weddings in nov and dec so I would think they have more info then they are giving us.
  2. Hi ladies I got my rate for 100 per night. A lot of the rate has to do on the timing of your wedding. Jan to April is considered high season and in high demand so prices are double. 2nd week of april after easter prices drop in half and the closer to rainy season the cheaper it gets. I was looking over the price list for dreams riviera cancun just to get some sort of idea how much things will cost and I saw that the dj package is 1500!!! I think it will be cheaper to fly in our own dj and split the cost by 3 brides that are getting married close together. I know some amazing ny djs and I offer them a free trip to costa rica in exchange to 4 to 5 hrs of djing at wedding I think they will go for it. Also I was looking to hire a local planner that can negotiate prices with the hotel and bring in cheaper vendors would anyone be interested in that? Maybe we can get a special rate if a lot of us use same company. @@puravida2015 @ projectwayne2015
  3. I booked for evening but it doesn't matter they said they are doing 1 wedding a day @ bk I booked my videographer from ny that is amazing let's talk maybe we can split if u want to use him. @projectwayne2015 can you please send due rates @ Lanaaksman1@@gmail.com
  4. The week I am getting married is actually right after all the holidays and the rates are dirt cheap. Whats your email? I can send you pics and info when I get back. I contacted the wedding coordinator about 5 times this week and of course no response so def need to go over there.
  5. @projectwayne2015 I am getting married in Dreams Las Mareas April 16th 2015. We are 2 days apart maybe we can exchange info. I am flying in my own video guy he is amazing if you want to see his work/ use him maybe it would be cheaper for us both to use the same person.
  6. I am getting married in Dreams Las Mareas in April in Costa Rica. I have done tons of research if anyone needs any info on the hotel message me.
  7. I am getting Married in Dreams Las Mareas April 16th 2015. They are very slow to get back to me but they are not yet at the hotel. I am planning to fly down there in Nov or Dec when they open to go over all the details for my wedding. They have not taken my deposit yet either but told me that my date is the only one available that week which is weird because I contacted them a year in advance. When did you guys book your dates?
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