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  1. Hi! I just got married there this past August. It was so perfect!!! You get married in their garden area. And we had the reception in the glass room. Any questions feel free to email me aschul31@yahoo.com. Ashley
  2. Hi MrsRobertson. What is the date of your wedding? I am getting married the same weekend I think. I have not heard from the wedding coordinator at all. Any idea how much money all this will cost? Did you book hair and makeup?? I am starting to panic.
  3. Could you tell us about your wedding? How did it go? Do you have pictures?
  4. Does anyone have this template still?? If so please send it to me I would really appreciate it!!! Aschul31@yahoo.com Thank you!!!!
  5. Hi everyone! I booked my wedding at the Riu Palace Peninsula and wanted to book a photographer and d.j. that wasnt from the resort. My wedding coordinator is not answering me. Are we allowed to do this? and if you are..how much would you have to pay for a vendor fee if you need too? If someone could answer me that would help a lot!!! Thank you! Ashley
  6. Hi! Does anyone have any extra decor in coral or turquoise?
  7. I have not been assigned a coordinator either...please let me know if you find out anything. Im wondering how much it is for each guest for the wedding part, what the glass room is like, if they will do a welcome cocktail hour for our guests the day they get down there, how the salon is...so many questions!! If anyone has answers please let me know!! Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone! I just booked my wedding at Riu Palace Peninsula for next August. Could anyone tell me about it? I loved the modern look inside and the pools looked nice! I hope I made the right decision. Please let me know...any advice on the glass room, dj, photographers, food, decorations, anything that could put my mind at ease a little bit Thank you!!
  9. I just booked my wedding at Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun. Has anyone had a wedding there and have any advice?