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  1. My guest paid average of $1200 5 nights, airfare included. My guest paid average of $1200 5 nights, airfare included.
  2. Good Morning, I just got back from my wedding at NOW. I really wanted a welcome party, but the cost was crazy! I made a cute little invite for their welcome bag and asked everyone to please join us before we tie the knot for cocktail hour Friday January 23rd at 6:00pm in the lobby bar. We took over a area and gave a server $25 to take care of us, it worked out perfect. Some people went to other restaurants a group of 30 went to the buffet and they sat us all together.
  3. Hi Ladies! I got married on Saturday and everything was amazing. I dealt with Ramon who was absolutely involved every step of the way he was great. I am here for another week let me know if you have any questions. I will do a review when i get home.
  4. I was able to get in contact with her! Thank you hola!! I just got my budget sheet with 2014 pricing if anyone in interested in seeing it. Also I will get to NOW on Wednesday if anyone would like pictures or need me to look at something let me know.
  5. Has anyone used or using Floreria Riviera for their flowers? Had contact with? I reached out to them in November, made arrangements, and paid for my flowers (a lot of money). I now cannot get in contact with Alina. I have reached out twice now and no luck. The facebook page is no longer available as well as twitter. My wedding is ten days away. FREAKING OUT!
  6. I can send out my budget sheet once I receive it. I am having 48 adults and 8 children.
  7. how many guest are you having? my budget sheet is what i NEED! The sales tax is crazy so i need to get that into my budget.
  8. I leave in two weeks !!! I will take as many pictures as possible. I am still having a hard time communicating with Ramon, i have not got my budget sheet back yet. Feeling very frustrated!
  9. I am very nervous he is going to try to pull this on my next month. I have the email saying they will honor the pricing. Everything is becoming so complicated!
  10. You have the email to prove they will hold the 2014 pricing for you correct? Do mind sending me your budget sheet?
  11. Holy cow your wedding day is almost here! When do you leave? Few questions for you. Even though we booked our wedding with the 2014 pricing we get charged with 2015 pricing? I booked a outside florist well before I heard that we could no longer meet at the gate. I cannot get my money back from my florist. I am not happy this was never communicated to me, everything I read was we could meet at the gate. I feel their communication is terrible with us. I would have heard we could no longer if it was not for this site. Did you cancel your florist or did you never have a outside vendor?
  12. 1 junior bridesmaid bouquet 6 bridesmaid bouquet 5 centerpieces and delivery free for $697