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  1. I have been to both, and it really depends on where you go in these particular places- thailand has the tropical islands in the south AND the tribes, elephants and rainforests in the north. Bali has tropical beaches and this feeling of absolute relaxation when you are there.... Hard choice
  2. I am inviting 150, and at that much each I may too have to rethink it. Maybe use airline ticket templates. but here are some free passport templates i found http://www.ayleebits.com/2009/03/09/passport-invitation-template/
  3. carolflannery1

    In Case Of Rain

    if you are using a hotel (which I am) see if they have both an inside and outside ceremony venue- that way you have both options on the day. My hotel has promised me use of the inside ceremony room if it rains.
  4. Hey guys, I am having my "destination" wedding in ireland!! not the typical destination place, but i am irish (from ireland) and wanted to bring this major milestone in my life home. Anyone have any tips on planning an irish wedding?? Carol
  5. I loved ALL the travel themed save the dates, and wedding invitations on etsy- unfortunately my budget wouldn't extend to this! So, being a proactive slightly creative/more determined woman i decided to create my own. What do you guys think? Passable? Carol
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