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  1. I have attached some pictures I took of the area where we were married. The pergola and the mixed bar where we had the cocktail. Attached are some pictures of decoration we added. They put minimal drapping material on the pergola which was included. We brought the chair sashes, fans and bubbles which we paid to have set up. Since I was upset with the additional cost I also had them put 2 of our centerpiece ball things on the pergola since we had extra. Frankly, all the nickel and dining was frustrating. Instead of spending a morning with our families and friends on the beach we were planning
  2. I am working through a wedding planning in Toronto. We were quote 80USD for the set up of chair sashes but there was no mention of additional charges for other decorations. I am somewhat expecting addition charges when we arrive.
  3. Excellent! Thank you for the feedback on flowers. I will find some pictures online. I have sent a few pictures and the prices that came back were shocking. The roses and lilies are beautiful. One more questions. Did anyone use DJ Movil? What was the vendor fee? They prices seem really good but I dont want to be blind sided by the hotel wanting a crazy amount for us to use them. We understand the fee is 350. Is that correct?
  4. does anyone have a bigger selection of bouquet options? I am not crazy about the options in the Now Jade book. I need more ideas! Is there a more comprehensive guide?
  5. Hi, Is anyone having trouble reach MTM? I would like to see if they would be available to cover our wedding day and explore the cost ofthe packages but I have not received a reply from the email on the website. Is there any other email to use? Thanks!!
  6. Hi! I would love to see pictures of your wedding. Thank you so much for such a detailed review. We are married August 13 so we are just starting to plan all the small details. mcgillapple@hotmail.com thank you!
  7. Is anyone having a welcome party? We were thinking of doing the buffet for dinner then would like to have a little reserved space in the loby or somewhere that we could have everyone chat and do a candy bar.
  8. How was the DJ? We are debating whether to have a DJ or to use our Ipad with music that we have selected. What benefit did you find to having a DJ? Did you give the DJ a song list?
  9. How is your planning going? I keep reading reviews of the resort. Lately the reviews have been very good. Are you doing alot of DIY projects?
  10. Did you find bug spray ? I plan to put in my bags but havent started looking yet.
  11. Good luck!! I am excited to hear how it goes. My family and friends are really happy that we booked this resort, I hope it lives up to the expectations.
  12. Is anyone looking into having a candy bar? I would like to bring my own stuff but I see that they offer one. I think the price they charge is crazy and would rather have family and friends bring down the candy and containers and pay the hotel to set it up. Thoughts?
  13. I just confirmed my wedding date for August 13th 2015!!! Pergola, mix bar and the bamboo room for the reception. Looking into a local photographer....
  14. I am officially a Now Jade Bride. We just signed our contract! August 13 2015. Cant wait!!!
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