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  1. Jennifer - im so happy i did - i can't wait to see the whole thing and relive it again i used weddingwire.com to arrange the tables - i just did a semi circle around the floor with us as the head agains the bamboo wall...if you send me your email address i can send you what i sent them
  2. for all you upcoming brides - i definately recommend getting the videographer for the whole day - just received my sneak peak of my video and i can't wait to see the whole thing - here's a lil viewing they sent me - wish i was able to do it all over agian https://vimeo.com/121823055
  3. NOW JADE sent a printed timeline to all of my guests the night before the wedding on where to meet and what time.
  4. i have a million pics... send me your email address leggi - i did for the flower girl bags - i didn't line the aisle b/c i was on the beach and it just would of blown all over the place.
  5. We did paper lumaniries.. As table bumber centerpiesces and used them for seating .. I wanted the candle romantic vibe and they were flat and were easy to transport This was our table with bride and grrom lumaniries
  6. Ask coordinator for email address or if i find it ill send it to you.. They do an excellent job i was hesitant using them but in the end i loved my hair and makeup!
  7. Happy Wedding Day Jennifer!! It was gorgeous weather for you!! Cant wait to hear all about it.. Wish i was staying so i could of seen you!!
  8. Hi ladies.. Im here at The resort! Didnt start out great .. My guests came last night and they told them they over booked and has no rooms and had to go to another resort ..Thank God for my sister because miraculously they ended up having rooms! Other then that we are having a great time!
  9. How did everyone feel about using the resorts spa for hair and makeup .. Im having second thoughts if i should of paid extra for outside stylists
  10. Jennifer - i can't believe its almost here. thanks fully my last day of work is tomorrow so ill be going through all my stuff and pray it all works out See you soon !
  11. i leave for my wedding in 6 days!!! i can't believe its almost here.. full panic mode hoping i have everythign i need.
  12. did you tip your outside photographer , dj and officiant as well>
  13. question about tipping the coordinator - i started with Islea, then Pilar and now i have a different one the day of the wedding - do you tip all 3?
  14. Did anyone upgrade or get an videographer for the full day? and if you didn't do you regret it? ive read alot that people regret not getting it and now im thinking i should look into it
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