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  1. I also had trouble with Michael. I am a professional model. I spoke with him about setting up a separate photo shoot 2 days after our wedding. The shoot was supposed to be TFP (Trade For Print) meaning we each get copies of the photos to use for our portfolios and neither party gets paid. Not only did he not use ANY of the photo suggestions I gave for our wedding (which by the way, I sent him a pinterest folder with tons of suggestions), but he also lied to me. Prior to arriving in Jamaica, I requested RAW copies of the photos so I could do geeky edits to them, edits which would take many hours and which I didn't expect him to want to do. I offered him the chance to decline the offer if he felt he didn't want to do it. He agreed to provide me with RAW images of all of my wedding photos, as well as the 2nd shoot. So 2 days after our wedding, I went into Jamaica with him and we shot at several different locations. The shoot took 4 hours of our time. After arriving back in Canada, he informs me that he did not agree to provide RAW images. Uh, What?? So I send him the email I have that proves he agreed prior to our meeting. He then says he will send me only the RAW images for the 20 photos we chose for our package. Um, why would I want the RAW for the edited pics? The whole reason we got the small package was so I could take the time to edit the other photos myself! Then he tells me that if I want any photos for the 2nd shoot, I would have to include them in my 20 photo wedding package. He would not provide me with any photos from the 2nd shoot unless I pay for them. Excuse me??? He tells me he has been a photographer for 10 years and no longer does TFP shoots. I tell him I've been a model for 7 years, and I no longer do TFP shoots either. This was the agreement we made as professionals so that we could both improve our portfolios. After I tell him how disappointed I am in his lack of professionalism, he threatens me, claiming I am slandering his name!!! He acts like a wounded high school student rather than a professional photographer! He claims I misunderstood him. But even if it was a misunderstanding (which it wasn't), a professional would make a compromise rather than claim their way or no way. So he got a 4 hour shoot out of me for free, and I got nothing to show for it. I WOULD NEVER WORK WITH HIM AGAIN!!! STAY AWAY FROM HIM! A MONKEY WITH A CAMERA HAS MORE SKILL THAN HE DOES! HE HAS EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT, BUT HAS NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT! Never have I worked with a less professional photographer, and I have worked with many photographers over the years. Terrible!!
  2. I *LOVE* this idea! I loved it enough to make Welcome Bags for my guests too! My wedding is May 5th, 2014 in Montego Bay Jamaica!! The Water Wallet idea Everything as a whole, including the beach bag (large bag), the "pharmacy bag" (a small pencil case), and the "wet swimsuit bag" (a courier bag from Dollarama) The "pharmacy" bag (a small pencil case) with *Gravol *Immodium *Advil *Lip Balm *Tums *Shower cap *Razor *Anti-fungal cream (athletes foot) *Toothpaste *Glade air freshener (who doesn't need this when travelling?!) *Moist Wipes *Bandaids The other items in the "Wet swimsuit bag" *Sunscreen (spf 50) *Aloe Vera Gel *Mouthwash *Hand sanitizer *Tissues *Deodorant (male and/or female) *Shaving cream (male and/or female) * 2 toothbrushes *Travel sewing kit *Eye mask (male and/or female) *Gum *Shower puff *Comb and brush *Water wallet All of the items without the carry bags (items listed above) Most items were purchased at Dollarama or Walmart, and I used an iron on transfer to put the design on the beach bags (also found at Walmart). I made the logo for free at http://www.designmantic.com/monogram-design/create
  3. Pictures of my preparations for my wedding
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