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  1. Hi there! Would you guys recommend anyone to help with a site visit to Cabo? Potential to bring them on as a full time WC, but ideally would love someone's help in making sure we're meeting with the right vendors and venues for our trip coming up in two weeks. I've already set a bunch of appointments but getting nervous as it's our one shot to meet and see everything and I'm afraid of missing something. Thanks!
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    Cabo Surf Hotel Brides - 2014/2015

    I'm quickly finding out I'm way over my head in planning/researching! Does anyone have a good recommendation for a wedding coordinator in Cabo? I'd ideally love help with planning our site visit that's coming up in two weeks - eek. I would love to have someone local showing us the ins and outs of things and generally helping our questions while we are there as we can only make one trip out before our wedding so don't want to miss any opportunity. In a nutshell, I need to pick someone's brain who I can trust with their opinions and suggestions. Also, does anyone know how much something like this would cost? or at least range? THANK YOU!
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    Cabo Surf Hotel Brides - 2014/2015

    @@missMB thank you so much for the detailed response and congrats on your upcoming wedding! We absolutely loved everything we've seen about Flora Farms online and reached out to them for a potential rehearsal dinner, but just came out to be too expensive to have a dinner there on top of a wedding at another location. However, I definitely still want to check it out next month as I keep reading and seeing such amazing things about the location and the food. I briefly looked into Hotel Gonzo and liked the vibe alot. I love your idea of combining it with Flora Farms - please do keep me posted on your planning! We're in the midst of our photographer & videographer research right now and I'm pretty overwhelmed. There seems to be a clear line between good and bad with not alot of options to consider. I'm debating if it would be worth flying anyone out from LA, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. We're waiting for Sarah Richardson to get back to us, but heard from Amy Bennett whose apparently not available all of next summer. Others we are considering include: Pixan Photography, Ana & Jerome, Manuel Burgoin, Bradley Fraser and Tomas Baron. In terms of flowers, my aunt is a florist and so I was trying to find a place in Cabo where we could find wholesale flowers to make the arrangements ourselves, but that's apparently impossible as all flowers are flown in for Cabo. Lola from Florenta Design is my favorite so I'm glad you're going with her! I'll definitley look into your DJ/Musician picks and rehearsal dinner locations - I haven't gotten that far in my vendor search yet. There is soooo much to do! Quick question: would you know who would be best to coordinate with in regards to candles? I want a bunch of candles on each table varying in height. Would that be the florist or would I need to coordinate with a rental company or designer of some sort? I can always bring them with me, but figured they'd be heavy. I'm not sure which vendors realm that falls under. Thank you again for your help! I'll definitely keep you posted on everything on my end and trip to Cabo.
  4. Thank you @@TexasBride2014!!! This has been so helpful! For some reason or another it's been really hard to find recent reviews of weddings at Casa Del Mar, so I really appreciate you taking the time. We're looking to have around 75 people and love the idea of having the hotel to oursevelves if possible. Our other choice right now is Cabo Surf Hotel. We have an appointment set with WC Marcela Castro at Casa Del Mar and she seems relatively new so I can see where your frustration was with the constant switching around. So far she's been really responsive so fingers crossed. We're trying to figure out whether the preferred vendors the hotel works with are any good. I know there's about a $100-$200 fee for any outside vendor used, so we're trying to asses all that right now. Would love your thoughts and vendors that you ended up using! Will respond to your PM right now!! yay!!!
  5. Hi @@TexasBride 2014 - How was your wedding at Casa Del Mar?! We're considering it as a venue for our wedding next year and have a site visit planned for next month. I'd love any feedback, thoughts, experiences you can share about the venue and your special day. Thanks so much!
  6. Hi everyone! After endless research into different areas of Mexico, my fiance and I decided on Cabo for our destination wedding ! We're mostly likely set on Cabo Surf Hotel which looks like the perfect small, boutique hotel for our wedding and the casual vibe we're looking for. We have a trip to Cabo booked for Labor Day to triple check the venue/hotel (although all reviews are amazing) and meet with Martha, the hotel's coordinator, and local vendors. If anyone has any tips or suggestions regarding Cabo Surf Hotel, please share & post here! There seems to be a wedding there every weekend, so I know brides and soon to be brides are out there Also, any vendors I must meet with while in town? We need everything - flowers, music/band/DJ, photography, video, hair/make-up, etc. Any great rehearsal dinner locations? We've been in contact with Flora Farms which looks amazing! Thanks!! xx
  7. Hi everyone! This thread has been so helpful as I look into LC for my wedding next year. Would any of you know what the cut-off time is at night? I'm assuming there's just one boat that takes the group back at night and I'd love to know when that is. Ideally, I wanted the party to last deep into the night, but not sure that's an option with LC. Thanks!!
  8. Hi @@Vintage Wedd! Thanks so much for the reply and congrats on your upcoming nuptials. Please do PM me the info for KL Design Events. We definitely would like a coordinator or a local to help us with the site visit - we have a million questions! Which venue are you getting married at? Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone!! Congrats on your upcoming festivities! This forum has proved to be invaluable as my fiancé and I look to hopefully get married in Tulum next year. We're looking at April/May 2015 and are deep in research mode, however find the slow response of some of the hotels and venues to be somewhat frustrating especially as we try to gauge pricing and availability. We're looking at: - La Zebra - Las Ranitas - Akiin - Ziggy's / The Beach and Cabanas Tulum I keep reading how fantastic Angelina is at Las Ranitas -- would anyone have a direct email for her? We emailed Las Ranitas over a week ago and have yet to hear back. I read in a travel forum they might be remodeling but I would think they would be answering emails at the very least. I'm also thinking of trying to plan a quick trip to Tulum in the next month or so to look at venues, but running on a tight timeline and budget as we don't want to get to close to the wet season in July. I can see how local wedding planners/coordinators can be helpful in this arena, so any tips or suggestions on who to reach out to or use would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!