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  1. Hi YossiMeyer, Thank you so much for replying and apologies for the delay- i have been away. Not long for you now- so exciting!! I did think about getting in touch with a weddings abroad site but wondered if they would be much help, the only reason i considered it was to give someone else the stress of chasing the wedding coordinators etc. If you have any documents you have received from BP that you wouldnt mind sending to me that would be fantastic! Would any of the ladies on here re-consider having their wedding at Beach Palace due to the terrible communication response times from the coordinators and the stress involved? I might be in a fantasy land but i would like to enjoy the whole wedding planning experience rather than getting to the big day and being so stressed im glad for it to be over! Many thanks xx
  2. Hi Ladies, i wonder if you can help. I have trawled through previous posts to see if this has already been discussed but can't seem to find anything- sorry if it has and i've missed it! We are from the UK and have chosen to get married at Beach Palace as we love the hotel and more importantly love that you can get married on the Sky Terrace away from other guests - we visited Cancun last year and didnt like the idea of other guests watching the ceremony in their swimwear! My question is, are there any other brides who have travelled from the UK to get married at Beach Palace and how was your experience? Did you go via a Travel Agent or arrange the holiday and wedding seperately? Also to all brides, how far in advance would you suggest i need to reserve our date at Beach Palace to ensure i can get the Sky Terrace? We are planning to get married in May 2016, is it too premature to get in contact now? If any brides have any electronic copies of documents/info they would be willing to send to me it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance