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  1. The resort doesn't charge an outside vendor fee for photographers, they only charge for a day pass which is $65. So you definitely save a ton of money going with her!
  2. Thank you! The salon at the resort actually did my hair! It was a man, I forget his name but he's the only guy that works there. The headband I got at David's Bridal!
  3. My husband and I got married here about a month ago. Today, we received our photos from the photographer. One word, AMAZING. She's does amazing work and is an absolute gem to work with. If you are looking for a photographer, Susana Hidalgo from myadorablebridal is in my opinion the best in the area! Here is the link to our photos if you would like to see her work... http://www.myadorablebridal.com/blog/breanna-sean
  4. That sounds fun! Our reception ends at midnight so hopefully the party is still going in the bar by then time we get there! I'll still be wearing my wedding dress lol
  5. Hi everyone, I'm just curious what everyone plans to do after the reception. Is there an area to keep the party going for a bit longer?
  6. Ugh that is annoying! On the bright side, most people probably won't remember the time you put on the invitation and most probably will leave it home and not bring them down to Mexico. I have t made programs or welcome letters yet, just curious what are you putting on them? And what is your wedding time line? Our ceremony is at 6 and once we wrote out our timeline it looks like dinner won't be until 830...just curious how other brides timelines look.
  7. We're pretty much all set with everything! I have the suitcase packed with our decor, and a few more I've started with our clothes. We only hired a DJ, Disco Movil. We will use the free ceremony video and just set up a camera in a tripod during reception. We just have to finish filling out the wedding form and we're ready to go! I can't wait! See you down there lol
  8. My wedding is the same day! Maybe we'll bump into each other! Good luck and happy planning we're so close!
  9. For past brides- are the Mosquitos that bad at night? I've seen some postings about this by brides and now I'm nervous. I don't want myself or guests covered in bites!
  10. Have any past brides tried the chicken with seafood stuffing as their meal? Or what did you choose? For future brides, do you know what entree you're going with?
  11. I'm not positive so you might want to check to be sure, but I was told by Ramon if I had my reception at the preferred pool I wouldn't be allowed to have a DJ at that location. Maybe just email your wedding coordinator to make sure they will allow that for you.
  12. Did you use the resort photographer? What package did you get and how many pics? Right now I'm looking at about 1100 for the photographer
  13. I'm just curious what package did you use? I have about 30 people as well and I can't seem to keep the bill under $7000.00 with the Divine Package. I want my total to be closer to yours lol!
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