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  1. I have been searching for a while and cannot find anything amazing to give to my bridesmaids to say thank you. I've seen a lot of the same things over and over again (jewellery, robes, personalized make up bags, etc), but I'm looking for something different. None of that felt right. Any new ideas that can be travel related, but also used again and again? My ladies are in their mid twenties. Thank you!
  2. I adapted mine too... I take thee to carry my room key and tip money, from the pool to the beach, from sunburned to tan, through heat and humidity as long as we all shall stay.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking to include some sort of laundry detergent in a small pack in my welcome bags. I've been looking everywhere, but have not been able to find them in stores! Online, I've only really seen them on Amazon. Does anyone have any tips of where to find them in Canada (Toronto). Thank you!
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