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  1. Yeah - I figured it was small but I think my fiance is more set on something like that - I'm just not completely sold... We've been to Nassau before.... I think he just wants something different... Maybe I'll give in to his one request... lol. I'll keep you posted...
  2. Hey I was on the webinar today - looks like they up loaded it to you tube http://youtu.be/_1MmoTL6mSg But you can visit the website www.thebluestarfishbeachbungalows.com
  3. Which resort is this for - it was so much... what's the name... we are also on the hunt.. so far we have a little here and there as far as location, for grand bahama what are the best options. Is there anyone looking else where at other islands in the Bahamas - we're looking for something a little different not with lots of options, we've been also looking at long island and cat island in the bahamas....
  4. It's just so many options - we're looking for something a little different not really an all inclusive - I like the idea of them but we're still deciding - other than the Bahamas where are you guys looking - please include the links..thanks!
  5. @@Rainmaker I'll check them out thanks - I just went on a webinar today for a resort -very interesting....
  6. Does any of your vendors have a website - I'd like to check them out - We want to get married in the Bahamas tooo
  7. Where is punta cana - we were also looking at the DR...
  8. Just recently got engaged and we're looking to have a destination wedding... We're looking to get married in the Bahamas.. not sure about Nassau looking for something a little different. Came across a resort in Cat Island called the The Blue Starfish Beach and Bungalows.. Has anyone ever been there or know about this location.. So far we are liking this location because it's just you and your wedding party - you rent the entire location... kinda like the idea of having a private location - what do you think? I'm afraid that if we go to Nassau there will be to many weddings around ours - not sure if this is a good idea... The location in cat island has my date available 03/14/2015 but they are just starting weddings there so this kinda worries me - by that time though they would have had plenty of weddings -IDK just don't want to lose the date We're also looking at the DR and Mexico but so im kinda still stuck on the private location rental...lol
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