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  1. Hello BRIDES I am very lazy... and now was able to sit my butt down to write down my experiences with the RWS We got married Dec 5th 2014 Total number of guest about 40 Free package added Jamaican experience!!! Ceremony was @ the beach gazebo. The days prior to your wedding, you'll have a meeting with the wedding coord there and "finalize" and picture where things would be. - make sure if are bringing centre pieces etc... bring pictures so when the crew sets it up. they know exactly what to do (THEY ARE ALL VERY GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO AND WILL DO THEIR BEST TO SATISFY YOUR VISION) Ceremony (Beach) - sound system very good - bring longer music that you like, walk way is fairly long (I think) - usually during the day; its quite windy there - salty wind was blowing directly at my face (hehe) Cocktail hour was held there - Jamaican experience app were amazing, accord to my guest (didn't get a chance to try them) - had people playing drums during this time.. was great Dinner area was at the beach area - in front of the infinity pool area for us - they have 3 palm trees around the area - lighting, you could bring your own lightly if you want for more decor options - we tried to do that with some lanterns, BUT it was too windy during the set up, so that optioned failed... - but they provided adequate lighting , I would just choose the basic package for lighting (more than enough) Jamaican experience included - rum tasting, served alcohol for 3 hours (they set up their bar area really well) -reggae band was amazing!!! I felt that was the highlight for our night which made every thing run so smoothly. - we also paid for DJ.... yes quite $$$ BUT, he wasn't the resort's DJ so someone from outside.. - don't recommend paying extra for a dance floor... because I think if you are on the beach its fun just to be barefoot and dance... my opinion. PLUS is cost ALOT of $$$ THE FOOD was good... its comparable to the beach party food that they have on MONDAYS. Kids are half price (I think) Hope that helps.. Remember, you guys will be in JAMAICA...enjoy the scenery and weather!!!
  2. Hello Girls.. Pam: I agree with all the other girls... rant away we are here to listen. So this is what I did so far after reading all the threads Originally I signed on for the Dream package but realizing it is not what we wanted and thanx to this thread. We were able to switch to the free package and Jamaica Experience. (super excited) So if you have 50 guest? 10ppl free then $20 x 40 = 800 Jamaica includes 20ppl then $50 x 30 = 1500 + 2800(for the package price) So this is what we are going with.... But never realized we have to PAY for our bridal bouquet.... I though in the package it is included? I never inquired about the decor yet. We chose the beach gazebo. I was told in the email that it comes with this white linen and small table and flower centre piece so I don't think we will add much to it... keeping it simple.... (but we haven't looked into it yet =) ) The dinner portion as someone already mentioned We can have it on the beach (at no extra cost...for this location fee of 300dollars or something like that) Have you guys thought about bringing your centre pieces? So I was told by Laura: each table includes white linen and napkin and "a few tea lights" I was thinking we have max 5 tables or so? Have your family bring the vase you are going to use and add your personal touch (sand is everywhere) and some silk flowers if you like flowers?? Hope this helps? Polly
  3. Wow, thank you Pam for all the info...and double checking with the make up artist...def saving a little there. I wonder how much each accessory cost...oh my It will def add up really quickly....
  4. I assume I have to..I just reserved her first because I figured that part was important to me and I know she's pretty popular and I like what she does....I haven't talked or planned anything with Laura the coordinator here in Toronto yet... But I have read the policy and procedure part and it does sound a little alarming...but I called Laura and she did tell me only decor vendors and florist are not allowed So hope all turns out alright.....
  5. Thank you everyone again for all this open sharing... Pam:sorry to hear that Rachel is booked.... The reception is poolside
  6. Hi Pam and everyone else =) I really put the planning to the back burner but should start more working at it again. Again our wedding will be this year December as mentioned before. I think Pam we are kinda have a similar vision as to what we want. I also have more than 20ppl...35 so far? I am also thinking of beach reception, so my understanding is that is cost 300 to set up the beach reception, probably more for decor? I havn't really looked at what the Al la carte entails. Did you receive any other pics or brochures from them? And I just want to ask everyone about photography. - in the package; there is a 1hour photographer included but probably not going to use it for the rest of the day I'm just wondering what you guys think about this. My aunt and uncle does wedding photography for family and church friends...they are not professional per se... they don't have samples or anything like that. I have asked them to help me for the videography but they said they will bring all their equipment and they even said that they have this underwater cam and can do shots there too... But somehow I am having some second thought? They have paid their deposits and my Fi and I are planning on paying for the rest of their trip. On one end we are saving some $$ because a professional photographer will cost at least 3-4grand plus the 450vendor fee? =( Any thoughts girls? Is anyone going to have the ceremony at the beach gazebo? did anyone talk about decorations there yet? And also, is anyone having a legal ceremony there? as oppose to the other one I forgot the name Sorry this seems to be a very long post. Again happy planning everyone. I heard Chasity Artistry Rashel Edwards is pretty good for hair and make-up.. u can find her on FB My co worker used her and I booked her as well
  7. Hi Bee, We are Dec 5th... We are arriving dec 2-9 Polly
  8. Hi Bee, I am getting married there in Dec 2014 as well.. which date did you secure, what a coincidence.... =)
  9. Congrats on your wedding... Can you send me a pic of the sash and paper lanterns please..
  10. Hi there pamela Just wanted to see if you can send me the attachments via email/pm I sent you an email on this website, I am having trouble viewing the attachments Thank-you again Polly
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