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  1. I brought all of my own kissing balls (silk flowers) and wedding décor with me, with receipts. My understanding is that is excluded from the $300 declaration amounts, but I had receipts just in case. You just have to keep making clear that it is all for a wedding and not for sale. I learned how to say that in Spanish as well just in case! lol
  2. I wanted to but got scared in the end! lol My coordinator from the resort didn't advise it, but once I got there she told me fireworks of any kind are very difficult to get in Mexico, except at certain times of the year (New Years and July 4th maybe.) We were there just two weeks after the New Year and could find none. However, what they want to charge for sparklers from the wedding packages, I thought was outrageous. Contact customs and ask...
  3. We did exactly what you did (receipts and lists) and got right through after a half-hearted search by one of the agents! I never saw a green or a red light actually! lol
  4. I was scared off from shipping when FEDEX explained that if you don't pay the correct fees for taxes and customs, your items are subject to the receiver paying them, or your items being discarded! That is why I carried everything myself. It was recommended that we get a customs broker to help with shipping, but we didn't want the extra cost. Costs are dependent on where the items are made (and you need to know that.) For example, there is some extra tax with things made in China (flip flops from Old Navy are made in China.) It was just more complex than I wanted to deal with...
  5. No....I didn't assemble mine until I got there though. I left all of the stuff loose. I had flip flops, t-shirts, luggage tags, candles, lip balm and hand sanitizer and candy. I also put in a list of common spanish phrases and words you will need to get around Mexico. Finished product:
  6. Five Below, Dollar Tree, E-FavorMart, Walmart (DIY labels), Light in A Box, & Michael's all were instrumental in, making my gift bags a BIG hit! It wasn't easy, but I carried personalized T-shirts, bedazzled Bridesmaids canvas bags (75% off at Michael's) flip flops (Old Navy's annual $1 sale), luggage tags, 70s candy, votive candles, hand sanitizer and lip balm for 22 people, all by hand to Mexico last week (1/14/14!) Read the thread about getting through customs...it helped me soooooo much, and I got right through!
  7. I followed all of the suggestions in this forum and had NO PROBLEMS at all! Although they did start to go through one bag, once I pulled out my list and receipts, he said, "Ok, ok" and just waved us through. We each had 2 duffle bags filled with wedding décor/OOT stuff, on top of our personal luggage, carry-ons and my dress. We got a family member to bring one additional bag for us that did not get searched either. Being OVER prepared never hurt anyone!
  8. Elissae...can we get an update? How did things go at cutoms? Any issues? I leave Tuesday for Cozumel Palace and our Jan. 18th wedding. I have done a list similar to yours and want to know if it sufficed. Elissae...How did it turn out with customs? I'm making lists like yours and want to know if you ran into any issues. My wedding is next Saturday 1/18 but we leave Tuesday...
  9. This is a review of:

    Cozumel Palace All Inclusive

    The BEST Experience Ever!

    Pros: The people, hospitality, proximity of things to do, drinks
    Cons: none...you don't even miss no beach! Not one person mentioned it!
    I just returned last night from the BEST experience I could have never in a million years have imagined. My wedding at Cozumel Palace was above and beyond my wildest dreams! From the wedding suite we spent 8 GLORIOUS days in, to the wonderful staff that bent over backwards for us and our special day (shout-outs to Belem, Sara, Nimrod, Carlos, Roman, Alejandro, Miguel, Valentin at Lomas Travel and all of the wait staff at Palace!) They made me not only feel like a princess on that day, but for ou
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