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  1. I am currently using Yarai at Memories and she is amazing. I started off by working with Karla Casillas and it was an awful experience! I am somewhat local as my parents live here but I do not and I feel like I know a lot of Cabo. However- Yarai has gone above and beyond to make my wedding planning incredible! I am getting married May 2014! Check her out! Yarai Peregrino Memories Weddings & Events Founder/Event Planner Specialist Cell +52(624) 157 0389 Online Number (415) 800 4681 Office: +52 (624) 105 0321 www.memoriesweddingsandevents.com https://www.facebook.com/MemoriesbyYarai?
  2. Yarai is handling my wedding right now and her and I spoke about you! She is amazing and I am so happy I am working with her. Thanks Tammy!
  3. Hi! I am getting married at Cabo Del Sol Golf Resort but hosting all our guests at the Riu Palace all inclusive resort! CDS is beautiful and Riu is reasonably prices and easy for guests. Check those out!
  4. I am getting married at Cabo Del Sol in May 2014. Luz Maria, event coordinator at Cabo Del Sol is amazing! She will get you through it all if you don't get a wedding planner. I am not sure you HAVE to have one. I have gone through 2 planners since I started the process. My parents are locals so I know when people are taking advantage of you. I would stay away from KARLA CASILLAS Wedding Planner and now I am working with Yarai at MEMORIES and she is not only one of the best- but she will give you an amazing price. She is a very hard worker and pays attention to all the details. Hope this helps!
  5. I got engaged in Feb 2013 and have since start planning my wedding for May 2014. I live in the states but my parents are locals- they live in Cabo. I began by hiring Karla Casillas and her team to plan my wedding. That was the biggest mistake EVER! Karla treated my father poorly upon their first meeting, NEVER met with me personally after signing a contract (even though I was in Cabo 2 other times) and frankly tried to take advantage of me and my family. The vendors she set me up with, charged a ridiculous price (higher than they charge anyone else- working with any other wedding coordinators) and we put in very uncomfortable positions. Being that I am sort of local too- I knew right away that she was having the vendors push the price up for her own commission. When I mentioned to her that I lost my job and needed to down size on the cost of the wedding, she never even bothered with my wedding again (Not that she ever did in the first place!) WORST WEDDING PLANNER ever especially if you are looking for someone to get to know you, guide you based on your likes/dislikes, and if you are looking to stay within a budget that isn't outrageous. I was in contract with Karla for about 6-7 months and never even hired one vendor or decided on one aspect of the wedding because I was not important to them. I would NEVER RECOMMEND KARLA CASILLAS WEDDING PLANNING! I am now working with Yarai at Memories and since October and when I visited Cabo for 5 days, Yarai scheduled numerous meetings and we have majority of the wedding lined up nicely. She attended all appointments, got to know me, understood my budget, and helped me secure vendors at a much more reasonable price. (Even the same vendors Karla Casillas was trying to get me to agree to sign for $200 more per hour!) Yarai is patient and very observant. She speaks english and spanish and also does a great job of providing me with all the information over the phone and email. I am SOOO happy I switched! My wedding will be in May at Cabo del Sol and thanks to Yarai, will be AMAZING!
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