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  1. I have 5 weeks! I have 42 people including us. im stressing a lot now. mainly about music...im using DJ Mannia bc they had great reviews on here,but im so nervous trusting they have all the music I want..and its a lot of work to back up all your own music,especially when your paying them.. im using Floreria Riviera for flowers. a lot of women on here have used them so it felt safe .Alina is fast to respond and answered all my questions. cheaper too. I sent out my invites in January. so 11 months in advance. I had a room block and that expired in june.but not everyone booked on the room block.i had people book this week still 5 weeks out. I know everythings gonna go well but I have SO MUCH on my mind now that im 39 days out.
  2. @@vanessav53 can you email me your review? im really interested in what you have to say and its very helpful .thanks! Bmiskow@live.com
  3. yes I am having such communication issues! anel doesn't answer any questions! its so frustrating! I want to get invitations ordered and I cant bc she wont answer my questions on info I want to add in the invite! err I cant seem to get my entrée options from her. she doesn't answer any questions. when she does respond, she doesn't answer the fricken questions asked originally! I see u said u had chicken alfredo, good to know that's an option. how did u choose and what did u choose from? did she send it in email?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by niknic456 Hey I thought I would post some of my wedding decor since we all love pics!!!! These centerpieces I will use on the cocktail tables. I will add water and a floating candle. I have decided to one long table so I will place these vases long the length of the table. My Save The Date...I mailed them last month even though all my guests booked their rooms in May! We are doing the unity candle, keeping it traditional!!! I will add ribbon and a rhinestone charm to the candle. My programs...printed and ready to go!!! I'm going to add blue ribbon with a mini starfish. I purchased these napkins from Ebay for $9.00 for 25 napkins...of course it was shipped from China but the quality is amazing and I rec'd in 6 days. I also have matching chair sashes, I paid $21.00 for 25 sashes. I both these brooches from Ebay as well and I will have the resort duplicate this exact cake for me. awesome! thanks for the ebay Idea! so we can bring anything we want as far as décor? and they ll set it up? im waiting on a price sheet but from what ive read we ll save a lot of money bringng some of our own.im definitely gonna buy a table runner, sashes, and napkins
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Mya062813 We haven't recieved our wedding pictures yet but got our sneak peek slideshow this morning, I am excited to share it with all of you. http://rivetti.amorcitocorazonstudio.com/ your slideshow is beautiful! did u take a lot of things with you from home down as far décor, centerpieces,added touches, anything?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenbd817 Thank you! When do you leave for Mexico? I just posted some of my pics in the meantime, hopefully the link below will work http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/g/a/162153/now-sapphire-november-2013 Let me know if you have any specific questions you are still waiting on answers to love the pics! thanks. its helpful and your cake was beautiful!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by DinaQtobe Congratulations! So glad to hear that everything was amazing. Enjoy your honeymoon!!! Can't wait to see some photos and hear more when you get back! awesome! im getting married there next November and im excited to see all your pics! thanks for sharing!
  8. awesome! im getting married there next November and im excited to see all your pics! thanks for sharing!
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