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  1. I had exactly the same problem!! I was looking into Dreams Riveria Maya, Palace Resorts, and the Paradisus Cancun which were all way too expensive. I tried various TA and they were all coming back close to $2k. We ended up booking with Paradisus Cancun and did not book a package with a tour operator. Instead, we booked flights and hotel separately which will cost us about $1700 (as opposed to $2k). We may not all be traveling together but we got one of the hotels we loved
  2. Congratulations!!! We are also booked at the Paradisus Cancun for July 5, 2014 which is coming up soon. I've done a ton of research and will share what I have We have 30 people and are going with the Chill Out Chic package. There is so far good and bad with the hotel so far. We booked with Paradisus because their beautiful beach, good reviews, and location. We booked a beach reception and then was told after we put our deposit down that we would have to end it by 9pm because the turtle mating season We found this a bit too early to end the reception so asked if we could extend our reception somewhere else (with a fee of course), but they were not very accommodating. They said that we would have to change our reception location altogether, which was really disappointing because I've always dreamed of dancing under the stars on the beach at my wedding So we then asked for alternatives and for pictures of other locations. We just kept getting the ones that are on their romance location package which I find is not much help at all....moving on now.... We are now considering La Perla as well. Again limited pictures from the hotel BUT if you Google "Gran Melia Cancun weddings" which was the former hotel name to Paradisus Cancun (changed over in late 2012), then you will find some better pictures and even a few videos of the hotel (and pretty sure that it's La Perla in some of those weddings to give you an idea ). Pros about La Perla is that there is no need to rent additional lighting or a dance floor if you want that. On the con side, it looks pretty big and that means expensive to decorate! If you are looking for draping for the restaurant which we are, it starts at $1500 and that's of course not including any other flowers or any other décor. In terms of the outside vendor fee, I found it extremely ridiculous as well. One way around it is to book a 3 night stay for them instead (still ridiculous but less than $1000). We didn't bother with that and we are booking with one of the photographers there Sweet Caribbean Photography. They seem very pleasant and very good to deal with! If you go to their website as well, you'll see some photos of the hotel in general. There was a little bit of venting in there but hope some of the info was helpful to you. I'm totally interested in your experiences and planning tips as well. Please share
  3. Congratulations!!! Have you started your planning yet?
  4. We are finally booked for the Paradisus Cancun in July 2014!! Anyone else out there looking to share some information and experiences??
  5. Hi vclaud, Also getting married at the paradisus cancun july 2014. Would you mind sending me the DJ info? Are you also using their preferred photographers? The outside vendor fee is just crazy!
  6. Has anyone been to or married at the Paradisus Cancun? Any tips or information would be appreciated! We're getting married in July 2014!
  7. Thanks Vclaud. did you mean $1000 plus service fee? Did you have a wedding or attend a wedding there? There aren't too many reviews for weddings at the Paradisus Cancun likely because they took over the Gran Melia Cancun
  8. hi there, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! we are also planning a wedding at the paradisus cancun july 2014! There's not very much information online
  9. Hi I'm planning my wedding for July 2014 and we've finally narrowed it down to the Paradisus Cancun or Dreams Rivera. There seems to be a lot of information and reviews and tips for Dreams and not so much on Paradisus in terms of wedding planning. Does anyone have any information or experiences at the Paradisus Cancun? Any information would be much appreciated! Flowers, Photography/Videography, décor..... Thanks!!
  10. Hi All, I am also planning my wedding in July 2014. Right now I'm deciding between the Paradisus Cancun or Dreams Rivera. Both hotels scoring great reviews for the resorts themselves. Lots of information on Dreams but not much about Paradisus. What are your experiences with the Paradisus so far? Thanks, Winnie
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