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  1. Hey guys, My travel agent is driving me nuts. I'm looking to hire someone else for our next round of tickets. I know you guys had suggested someone back somewhere in this thread but it's a million pages long. Advice?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Lydia1120 Thanks Lopi...your flowers look amazing! I wasn't talented enough to do my own flowers :-( Probably a good thing cuz believe it or not, someone stole my bouquet while I was taking pictures behind the bar...hahaha I was serving beer to people and placed them down at the end of the bar...my photographer was busy snapping pictures and I realized half hour later that I didn't have a bouquet anymore, lol....so I took all my bridesmaids flowers to walk into the reception hall with...hehehe That's TERRIBLE! Who would do that?!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Lydia1120 had to share one more pic that was posted today on FB...I wish I could remember what was so funny...the picture is priceless This picture is beyond adorable. Shows how happy you guys are. Captures the real moments. Congrats to both of you!! I finished my first bridesmaids bouquet today after a month of visits to Micahel's with the 50% off one item coupon. I'm pretty sure the staff knew what I was up to LOL
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by csho Oh that's good to know! My sister and future sister in law both have toddlers so I don't know if they will want them or not... my guess is probably not but its nice to know that its available! even if it's for a different day that they want some R&R
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by csho I plan on having a welcome dinner as well, just not sure where to hold it either... Is it too early to already book this? I figured since the wedding isn't until May I should wait until at least the new year... I am debating about whether we could do it at the buffet and that way we wouldn't have to waste the guests meals... but I do think a sit down dinner would be much nicer. Hmmm The Tex Mex might be a fun one to go to... but Kay I'd also love a suggestion on the best one! We are having our wedding dinner at the palapas. This is the seller where I got my flower from https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/154740003/white-bridal-flower-wedding-silk-flower?ref=favs_view_13 Sounds like you are bringing a ton of décor with you! how are you going to fit it all in your suitcases? We're splitting it up between suitcases. It's Cuba right? we usually fill half our suitcases with stuff for the locals anyways since Shorts/tshirts/bathingsuits and dresses don't take up much room. So there is always more than enough extra space. We're also likely to take a couple of extra bags if we really need to so no biggie as for the flowers you bought on Etsy. They're cute If any of you are having kids at your wedding and want to rent a sitter, I believe the going rate is 5/hr/child and it's someone from the animation team that dresses up and watched them.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by 1derwomanbride Hey ladies, Is anyone having a welcome dinner? If so, what restaurant have you chosen? Giselle just sent me the menus for the Del Chef and the Tex Mex (we are having our wedding reception at the Cuban)...I'm torn! Haha! Any suggestions? Del Chef's options were: snapper or chicken stuffed with spinach & mushrooms and Tex Mex options were: beef fajitas, beef filet, BBQ chicken. Kay, I know you were at this resort before...did you have any recommendations? Time is flying by ladies!! Also, we just ordered our bands last week! Can't wait to see the photos from your stag & doe! Csho, the flower definitely looks purple in the photo but I'm glad it was white when you were outside, plus the flower will be away from your dress which can sometimes make the colour seem off. I really like the center of it..it is really pretty!! What seller did you use on etsy? I am in the process of deciding on a hair flower too! First off, Congrats Kay!!! Second: welcome dinner: extra cost? Has anyone inquired about a cocktail hour after the ceremony before the dinner? I e mailed Giselle to see what they had in terms of decorations already there, and it looks like we're going to be lugging down 8 tall glass vases for the ceremony isle deco and then transferring them as deco for the reception dinner @ one of the side bars that we have rented out privately. We booked the Disco from 9-11 on our day too which is awesome considering Giselle said they have 90 something weddings there this may. CHSO, we're getting married the 2nd, so if you're there the first and pop by at some point and see something that you can use on your big day a few days later let me know and I'll definitely let you have at it. So far bringing down: favor boxes/favors/ dried lavender for the "rice toss", flat mirrors for some of the center pieces, 10 tall cylinder glass vases(bringing an extra two in case one or two break on the way down) 3 bunches of curly willow for "trees" [we're doing 3 different center pieces @ 3 tables each) and some tall purple/grey/cream decorative branches to put into the cylinders, our guest book which is actually two vinyl records in a frame with no glass so people can actually sign the record, and the bouquets[i've been going to Michael's every few days and using the 40% off coupon and buying the real touch flowers one at a time. Table runners in silver and purple, candles. That's our "bringing with us list so far, I'm sure it's going to grow significantly over the next couple of months. We already have about 45 people RSVP'd confirmed coming and about 140 still outstanding which I'm sure will trickle in to bump us well over 80. What are you ladies bringing with you?
  7. . Back from Cuba! Our wedding is May 2nd @ 5. I Met with Giselle while we were there, apparently they have a bunch of decorations to choose from there from what people leave behind, so make sure to ask if you need some extra stuff when you're there. Also, the spa terrace isn't windy unless its windy out. Also they have a decorating team there that will take care of everything for you as long as you can bring pictures and stuff of how you want things placed. The resort is beautiful. We also spoke with the manager at the riu who was there from Spain on a three month overhaul trip, and he explained how/why some resorts have better food than others. There are three tourist groups that hotel belong to, gaviota, Cubacan and one other one I forget. Anyways if they belong to gaviota, they are only allowed to use local products, the other two may import. Luckily ILA is allowed to import, and it shows in the food quality from when we did the walk through. Where are you guys doing the dinners? And are you booking a party?
  8. Ladies! Hi! congrats to all of you on your engagements and up coming nuptials! I'm totally new and I'm only on page 8 of reading this thread lol... I'm getting married at ILA in May... I am also going to the Riu next door this monday so I'm going to hunt this lisette person down and have a sit down with her so I can always tell her to hustle and get back to you lol... I'm half cuban which is part of the reason we;re getting married there... and I'm sure that, as every time, being able to talk to them i n spanish is a huge asset to try to wheel and deal some stuff that they may not mention to others. so if there is any way I can help you guys let me know.
  9. Hey guys, I have found myself ending up on this forum when searching for certain things wedding related for the last few months, so I finally decided to join. I'm Jen, getting married in Varadero Cuba on May 5th 2014 at the Iberostar Laguna Azul. Despite getting married at an AL, we're trying very hard to make it as unbeachy/"resorty" as absolutely possible. We picked cuba to get married, because I am half Cuban, and aside from the fact that this option is a lot more budget friendly than the huge euro bash my FMIL wanted to throw, it is also for ease of travel for our Cuban relatives. We leave for Cuba (for the fourth time this year) again on Monday and will be staying at the Riu (which is conveniently located next to the Laguna) so I'm going to take advantage of that and try to sit down with the coordinator. I do have a few questions for those of you who have already gone through this process and I am fully aware that there are other places within the forum I can find the answers, but I'll post them here anyways in case you want to chime in and make my life easier Most of them have to do with hiring a photographer, baker, and florist(or potentially recommend a good silk florist), and also about how to manage the flow of the day... did you have a cocktail hour? did you have to share your dinner space with other hotel guests(we have about 80 people confirmed already and still have RSVPs floating around, so we aren't a small group. What about guests coming from other hotels for the day? Any tips on how to rent a private spot for the reception party after the ceremony? And does any one have any experience hiring a cigar roller? I'm looking forward to hopefully adding some value to those of you getting married in cuba too after this trip, as I'll be doing some investigating with some relatives that live there so let me know if I can help with anything too! Cheers!
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