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  1. Great idea to just switch to the ceremony side that makes your veil/hair blow back and not into your face! My WC is Ingrid from Lomas and she's been so great! Takes her from 2-6 days to respond to an email but she has been very thorough and gives honest opinions. Hope everyone else is having a pleasant experience with their WC because it should be a fun process! I'm getting my hair done at the casita spa and am wondering about anyone else's experience there with how well the stylist can replicate what's in a picture? I need to remember to be vocal and not passive about what I want! Not getting my makeup done because anytime I've ever had it done professionally I have not liked it. I feel like it ages me rather than makes me look better. Experiences with makeup at casita spa? Also, I'm starting to wonder about the ceremony. I know I need to have music on an iPod and label the songs but how do you know what will be said during the ceremony? Does the WC give you script options or do you create it on your own? How long have ceremonies typically lasted? Mine will be symbolic because we are getting legally married in the US before we go to Mexico. The process to legalize a Mexican marriage in the US is too complex and takes too long from the time you get home for my taste. Plus I'm avoiding the Mexican blood tests! Thanks, ladies!!
  2. I'm actually arriving on your wedding day! I'm staying from April 19 - 27, so we kind of end up with a honeymoon before the wedding. But it works well since most of our guests are coming in that Wednesday and leaving Sunday so we will be able to spend time with them after the wedding.
  3. I'm not exactly sure where the white gazebo is, across from the chapel, right? But anyways, I have seen cocktail parties and receptions that are on the beach/sand have very high winds (this was when I was there this March). I did see one reception that was at the gazebo across from the chapel on a very windy night and I would not have wanted that reception to be mine, that's for sure. I want the beach experience so that's why I'm doing it for the ceremony and cocktail party, but moving inward for the reception. You just never know what the day is going to be like, some nights are very windy and some are very calm. Even on windy nights I don't think there is an issue with blowing sand, but more like flapping table cloths and blowing hair styles! Guess I would rather guests be too hot and have to step away for the breeze than be blown away by the wind. Thanks for all of the advice I've been receiving here ladies
  4. I've seen many posts that Toucanes is hot for a reception. Should I see if I can move my reception from Toucanes to another spot? I am expecting about 30-35 guests and am getting a DJ because I want to dance... but I don't want to sweat! Wedding date is April 24, 2014. I was at EDR is March this year and it would not have been too hot at that time but I'm afraid of the end of April. I originally picked Toucanes because it's not terribly far from my ceremony and cocktail party at Gazebo 55 and figured it would protect against wind or rain. Any input is appreciated!
  5. I am thinking of using the included group dinner at Cocotal as a welcome party dinner the evening before the wedding. Does anyone know what food is available to pick from for this event? I believe I read somewhere that everyone has to eat the same thing? Seems like it would be difficult to find one thing to feed 40 people - especially since I gave the choice of stuffed chicken breast or filet mignon for the wedding reception and don't want to make people eat the same thing for dinner two nights in a row at such an amazing resort with numerous dinner options! My fiance doesn't care for seafood/fish so that limits what we can pick also - I am hoping there is an amazing pasta choice on the menu, but doubtful. Thanks!
  6. Hello all! I'm getting married April 24, 2014 at EDR. The ceremony will be at 4 pm at Gazebo 55 followed by the fiesta cocktail party at Gazebo 55 and then the reception at Toucanes from 7 - 11 pm. I've been to EDR before this past March and was able to see a few weddings being set up but still have a lot of questions. Should cocktail party be on the beach by Gazebo 55 or somewhere else?? Should I be worried my guests will be too hot at Gazebo 55 for that long? The sun will be setting so I assume it will cool down. I'm not worried about guests drinking too much at the cocktail party because I drank all day long for a week straight there and had a GREAT time Also, there will be food and a donkey - I have to have the donkey. Will the wedding coordinator take down flowers from the ceremony and set add them to tables at the reception? I'm having my hair done and my WC advised my appointment is at the spa, is it possible to have someone from the spa come to my casita to do my hair so I can get ready with my bridesmaids and have moms stop in? I also want my bridesmaids to get their hair done with me. What does the groom's "room" consist of on the wedding day? Description says they are provided with cocktails and gourmet bites? Any idea where this is located? Has anyone used Caribe Photo or DJ All Music? Comments? Thanks!!
  7. Hi JenniferM! I am getting married April 24, 2014 and also having my reception at Bar Toucanes. I hope it's not too hot! But, I chose Tucanes because of the number of brides I saw getting blown away on the beach. Although, I am having my ceremony and cocktail party at Gazebo 55
  8. I was at EDR this past March and did not see any paddle boats but there were kayaks and maybe the resort considers them to be the same. There is a daily tour at the same time each morning where you can sign up to take the kayaks out past the sandbags with a resort guide. Other than that, you are restricted to using the kayaks as you please but must stay in between the sandbags and shore for safety reasons I assume. The kayaks are located near JoJo's and the beach bar there. Also located there are the jet skis and for $50/ 30 minutes (I think) you can go far out into the ocean. I used the kayaks once and it was pretty fun even though I had to stay close to shore and my fiancé went jetskiing and really enjoyed it but wished they went faster.