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  1. I'm glad that the quality is good. I am very curious of your dress, necessarily show us pictures
  2. don't worry. I was in a similar situation. Then I got this response from sunny dear, it is not shipped yet, becasue the deadline is comming, if we do not put a tracking number, the order will be cancelled
  3. babyonline girl turned out to be an honest seller. First I tried to replace the dress to another which is in stock. Failed because not all of the dresses from a list were available. They sent me a second list but history happened again. Then Sanny said I could choose two dresses. I have not said yes because I wanted to one wedding dress. Then Sanny agreed to repay me the money. A nice surprise was that they would send me a hair clip for having given me a problem. It took a long long time and still do not know what I'll wear to the wedding, but I can not say anything bad on babyonlnie. I hope
  4. Jennangaged your dress looks beautiful. Definitely will be doing a good impression on your wedding
  5. I was ready to pay what is needed for my dream dress. I just could not get the dress in Poland and the original is too expensive for me. I Do not earn the pounds but in Polish zloty. This currency is not strong. I was prepared to spend on a dress and shoes veil of approximately $ 2,500. The most dhgate dress is even cheaper than mine so then I hope that my will be of a good standard. I had no experience in this matter, this is my first buying a wedding dress. I came to this forum and I risked buying. Now I wonder if I not order the chosen dress from another dealer wants $ 780 for it. Fortunate
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by MissJali Sorry, I went with Jasmines Bridal and am very happy with my Vera replica. It was just a reassurance that the dress after being corrected looks a lot better. I'm glad your dress is a success. I still have hope that I will get a nice dress from my seller. I'll keep you posted how things are going
  7. if you like it so I think babyonline will be happy to sell it to you. I was expecting something else and agreed it earlier with the dealer. However, I think that dress might live to please others. The price is attractive so feel free to buy.I recommend to see other photos where the dress is on a mannequin
  8. First I paid $ 260 for a dress. Secondly, I did not expect that my dress will look like the original. For this price is unrealistic. I wanted to be made ​​like gold dress as the picture got from the seller before buying. You can see photos and compare that mine is made ​​much worse than a golden dress. Besides before buying I agreed with the seller of my requirements. All they have been ignored. I hope that this time we will reach a compromise and I'll get another dress that would be suitable for a wedding
  9. I got about 300 dresses to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of them were wedding dresses, some in much larger sizes or vibrant colors. I chose eight that possibly suitable for a wedding. I'm hopeful. Seller promised to send me a real photos and then decide which I want to exchange for my failed dress
  10. my seller is babyonline. I knew it would be difficult to work with that dress. Before buying I asked several times if they are able to make such dress. I ordered when I got a photo of a gold dress, which is much better made ​​than mine.
  11. I wanted my money back. They suggested to me that I get pictures of dresses which have in stock and if I like it they will send in exchange for mine. I hope there will be something similar because it does not suit me a big princess type dress
  12. I do not like the dress. It was not fixed the main problem, which is that the pattern is sewn asymmetrically. Space on the legs has wrinkles although that image is not taken on the big model. About sequins better not mention.
  13. I bought a dress from babyonline, they improve it for a week but did not get any photos yet. The most interesting is that I asked for pictures of other sellers and I got a picture of my dress.
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