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  1. Hi all! I am back from my wedding, and ready to answer any questions you might have! Let me start by saying - it was a wonderful day, and the resort staff really does a great job making sure your day is perfect (or close to it!) Transfer from the airport We had our package from AppleVacations, so had an individual direct transfer to the hotel, which was not bad at all - 1hr 15 minutes door to door. Hotel Check-in Pleasant and easy, with champagne and a hot towel. However, they do have an extremely weird policy of check-in at 3, and check-out at 12. We were at t
  2. Hi all! I got a week left before I fly out, and it seems like the thread slowly died out...Hopefully you are finding all of your answers through the coordinators, meanwhile, I am bugging out =) Seven days left to cross off 25 items on my to do list...still did not find a song for the first song.. AAAaaaa! Will report back when I get home, crossing fingers for everything to go well (especially the weather!) Wish me luck!
  3. Hi ladies! My date is coming up and I am getting a bit panicky...4 more months to go! Patiently waiting for the package to come... Question - did anyone get their hands on the "useful Spanish phrases" for their Welcome Bags? If anyone has that list - would you please send it my way! The address is at natgurova (@) gmail.com Thank you ladies!!!
  4. Hi Lucy LuckyToes! If you still check this thread, and see this message - I would really really really appreciate you sending me the Spanish phrases files! my email is natgurova@@gmail.com Thank you so so much!!!
  5. Hi Ladybugbt! Your date is coming up so close! You must be super excited and anxious!! So many good things to come! I still have 7 months more to go..TO answer a few of your questions (although i realize I might be a bit too late!) - i am planning on bringing my own bows for the chairs (great deals on ebay), table runners (i should only have about 4-5 tables), some decorations (i got some beautiful large seashells i am planning on "scattering" around the centerpiece), and welcome bags. For welcome bags i will be getting mostly medicine related items (pepto, tylenol, first aid kit, sanitiz
  6. I do not think so. My fiance's frat brother got his "Justice of Peace" license, so he will be marrying us. The wedding coordinator said that it is ok, and we do not need to be in the country 3 days before, or anything like that. Although if you are using a minister there to get you married - not sure what the protocol is. Send them an email! so far, they have been responding to my emails within 1 business day.
  7. Yap, it is only for ONE centerpiece! I think i will have four round tables, so that means that i have to multiply the price by four! I decided to not have the petals (simply because they might fly away, and the price - i can get them off ebay much cheaper!), and go with the shells. I got a nice "mixed bag" with large shells of different variety from Christmas Tree Shops, and i got starfish there as well (6 starfish of about 4 inch = $2). I figured, i will bring the marbles for the vase, bring my seashells and scatter them, and just deal with getting the vase + 3 calla lilies (which will cost m
  8. Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone can send me the package Dreams Tulum usually sends out two months prior to the wedding? (natgurova@gmail.com) - With all the decoration choices, flowers, etc...I would like to see my options earlier in the game =) My wedding is still far away, January 7th 2015, but I already picked up some decorative shells at Christmas Tree Shops, they are so pretty! I am planning on having a runner on the reception table with some shells scattered and lighting underneath. For the centerpiece - i really like this idea: The resort quoted me $100 + 16% tax for the
  9. This sounds so bizarre to me! The way i was explained this - it works just as booking a regular vacation, so the prices depend on the flight scheduling/hotel/time left/economic factors. The only difference is that you reserve a particular time slot and location for your ceremony, by paying the deposit of $500. I am doing everything myself, i figure i have enough time. You are lucky to have someone on your side helping, especially Spanish speaking! But the fact that they are pressuring you to book now, does not make sense. I have worked for 4 years at a travel agency in my youth, and have trav
  10. Hi adrianita! I am actually having my wedding just 5 days after you, January 7th! Congrats! Not sure what you mean by the "quoted prices"...Do you mean the wedding package prices? Or the prices to hold the rooms? My best friend's mom has her own small travel agency. She originally told me to get in touch with the airlines (like JetBlue, as i am flying out of NY) and the hotel directly, as sometimes they provide better deals. JetBlue laughed at me, as when i contacted them it was still over a year before the departure...So they told me to wait until about June to get back to them, as they
  11. Hi everyone! I am getting married at Tulum January 7, 2015...i know - so far ahead!!! I am expecting about 30 or so people to join us, and have already booked a symbolic ceremony at the beach at 4pm. I am planning on having the pictures of my groom and I right after, and the cocktail hour from 5-6, group pictures, and reception at 7. I have not read all the comments on this thread (but planning on doing so before the new year), but already have several questions.. I was planning on having my reception next to the Dolphin Pool, but saw a comment that it was not private at all...Any experienc
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