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  1. Do any of you know how much dry cleaning is at the resort?
  2. I feel completely the same! I asked my wedding coordinator for the colors so I picked from a list she sent me. Other than that I don't know anything! She had told me Tropical Pictures should contact me regarding the photography but they haven't. Have you reached out to them?
  3. Hi Ladies! I was finally able to log in again! My wedding is fourth months away! I have been emailing Aris about getting the ball rolling with the preparations and haven't heard much from her. Does anyone know when they begin the planning process because I'm freaking out!
  4. Have any of you ladies received a list from the resort as to what is and is not included when it comes to centerpieces and decor for the reception and ceremony? If you have any information about the additional cost of centerpieces or "extras" can you please send them to me! Thank you!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by tricia-m You are definitely my angel because you've always had an answer for every question I've had. There is no turning back now, I've finally confirmed with my WC for the roof top for the ceremony. PS. I was crying watching the video. Lol. Do you know if the roof top ceremony is an additional cost, and if so how much? Thanks!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by lalalal1z Ladies, We just came back from our wedding stay at BBPD. Let me tell you. THE BEST WEDDING EVER. Literally, almost every person that came (we had 43 people), said it was the best wedding that they have ever been to. The photographer. AMAZING. We used Tropical Pictures. The whole stay was absolutely amazing and I wish I could do it all over again. I will say, I was wicked nervous before we left, only because, it's a horrible feeling only talking to the WC through email, but we met with Arise the day after we got to BBPD. We finalized everything that day. Easy. Took an hour at the most. Cake decision. Boom. Photography decision. Boom. Food. Boom. We added the cocktail hour, amazing. It was well worth the money, and we had it right on the beach where we got married. Arise really takes all of the worry off of your shoulders. She really is amazing, and we had absolutely NO issue at all. The only MINOR hiccup was that the judge that married us was a half hour late, which wasn't even a big deal at all, and they just moved the reception time back, so it wasn't affected at all. The professional photos came out AMAZING as well, we had Micelia. Couldn't have asked for a better photographer. I'll post pictures asap, or I can email them to you. And if you want to email me for anything my email is lizabethcaputo@gmail.com There were 3 weddings happening at the same day/same time ish, and you would NOT EVEN KNOW. They take you on the trolley from the ceremony to the reception area. We all WOOOO'd whenever we saw people. Awesome ride. The food, really good. We got the tomato and goat cheese salad, awesome! The main course was the chicken, I didn't like it too much, but I don't like chicken on the bone. Other people loved it. We got the creme brulee, along with the cake. BOTH AMAZING. For the cake, we got 3 tiers all different kinds. The first layer we got vanilla cake with strawberry filling, second, vanilla with pineapple filling, and the top was the vanilla with guava filling. ALL AMAZING. The ONLY thing I could say bad about this place is that when we were trying to check out, there was confusion about us paying for the wedding. We paid for it a week before we left the resort at the front desk (they actually charge everything to your room, so you have to pay for it there and not at the wedding department). When we were checking out, they said that money wasn't applied to our room yet, even though we had a receipt. So our only wish is that there was better communication with that kind of stuff. Other than that, it was the best time of our lives and we would definitely recommend this resort. So, ladies. Do NOT WORRY AT ALL. It WILL be the best day of your life. Where did you end up having your reception? We are in between doing it at Bar Higuey or at a reception hall. I was worried about Bar Higuey being too hot for our guests since our wedding is in June. My WC is also Aris so I am so relieved she was great!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonMrsD Yeah I'm in NY and we were thinking Delta but maybe LAN might do... along with my fanily in Ecuador to fly to Punta Cana would be great! Um I just looked up dates and they have availability until Labor Day next year from NYC-Punta Cana and Ecuador - Punta Cana... girl try again or just call! I always call it in but the best rates are online so never book over the phone! I've been calling for like three weeks now! They keep changing their answer as to when it will be up. First I was told October now I'm told November.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonMrsD I use LAN to fly to Ecuador all the time and they are pretty good! I had no idea they go to Punta Cana ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so happy now if it is cheaper They fly out of Miami to Punta Cana every Saturday and Sunday. We used them last year when we went to Punta Cana and they were great, but we purchased those tickets in September of last year for June 2013. This year its already October and their still not available for next June. Has me worried in regards to the deposit for the reception.
  9. Hi Ladies! Have any of you dealt with LAN airlines? We are waiting on them to open up flights for our wedding date but whenever I call I keep getting different responses on when their flights will be available. We much rather go with them because they are wayyyyyy cheaper than AA and the second piece of luggage is free which is excellent for carrying wedding supplies! I have my ceremony date already reserved with the resort for June 25, 2014 but have not paid the 30% deposit b/c I'd like to wait until I can actually buy my travel package.
  10. Thanks, Do you think they would accept the certificate even if we complete the course online? Our local parish has the option of an online course for people who cannot attend they live sessions because of time conflicts.
  11. Hi ladies! Have any of you planned on getting married in the catholic church? I was wondering what exactly are the requirements for the wedding and if the church requests anything from back home? Thanks!
  12. We are only going to be about 25-30 people so for now I was thinking of having everybody reserve on their own through like Expedia. Since we are coming from Miami its is relatively inexpensive for us that way. Cheaper than an agent. I didn't know Bar Higuey wasn't included in the Strawberry package! Do you think that area may be too big for the amount of people that I am taking?
  13. Probably June 25th. I haven't submitted my reservation form as of yet because I am between the strawberry package and the tangerine package. I was also thinking about sending in the reservation after I purchased my plane tickets. Do you think I should send in the reservation form before confirming my vacation details?
  14. Hi ladies! I am new to this page and planning a June 2014 wedding! Do any of you know whether decorations for the reception are included in the Strawberry package?
  15. Hi Ladies! I am just starting the wedding planning process. I have been emailing the hotel to find out about the different packages but have yet to receive a response. I am between the strawberry package and the tangerine package but I wanted to know whether the strawberry package included decorations during the reception? Also, Can we bring our own decorations? Thanks!
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