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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by NJBride2014 That's awesome, that was my plan in the begining but my fiance wanted the party with family and friends so it went from just us two to inviting almost 100 people. Eeeek, I think only 30-40 people are actually going though. It's a lot of planning. 30-40 is a lot for a destination wedding-- at least I think! You'll have so much fun! I think it's romantic to elope, but you'll definitely win on the fun factor :-) Keep me updated.
  2. My wedding consultant is Daniela. I haven't worked with her much, so I'm hoping I got lucky and that she'll be great.
  3. Oh! I have another question. I bought my dress, and it's ivory. It's very, very light ivory, but it's noticeably ivory when put up against white. Now that I'm booked at Le Blanc (where everything is WHITE), I'm second-guessing whether I should get a pure white dress instead. What are you guys' thoughts? Did you get a pure white dress or opt for ivory?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by NJBride2014 I have not booked my photographer yet but will most likely go with Del Sol Photography. They did our engagement pictures in Playa Del Carmen and they were great to work with. We will hopefully book them soon. Photography is very important to my fiance and I so we chose to look outside the resort. I've read mixed reviews on the resort photographers you can read them on here I believe they are called Ocean Photo Studio. Just a tip if you go with an outside photopragher there is an outside vendor fee which is $800.00. I was reading reviews on Ocean Photo and was having the same problem. Del Sol is outside of my price range. I'm looking at Sascha Gluck now, and I really love his work, and he's more affordable for me. I JUST emailed my wedding consultant today to ask about a charge for an outside photographer, and here you answered my question. That $800 is steep. Geez.....
  5. I've never been to Le Blanc, so that makes me feel really great! I'm really going off of reviews from TripAdvisor and this forum! I just finally decided to post since I have an actual wedding date now! Did you find out anything extra from the site visit?
  6. Who did you guys choose for photography? Are you going with the resort photographers?
  7. Hi Guys! I'm getting married at Le Blanc on April 30th 2014 :-)
  8. I'm getting married at LeBlanc April 30, 2014 :-) We've never been there; we're just going off all the great reviews I've read online.
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