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  1. Hi fellow 2014 DRC brides I think I could be the first 2014 Bride. My wedding is just 29 days away :0) We are getting married on 6 January 2014 which is a festival day in Mexico and the day they exchange Christmas Gifts, I am getting the best gift of all my lovely husband to be Mike. Our wedding is very small and intimate. My son who is 13 is giving me away, my MOH is my 20 year old daughter and my step sons aged 16 and 22 are best men, the other bridesmaid is the girlfriend of my step son. That is all of us just 7. We booked our wedding after a site visit to DRC last June 2013 when we went to Mexico to get engaged at Excellence Playa Mujeres. We have 2 children who are under 18 so we needed a family resort and it was just perfect. We fly out on the 28th of December for 14 nights, Our wedding is on North Beach at 3.30pm it is a legal wedding. We are having a family sand ceremony and our children are pouring sand with us as they are becoming a new family, we decided to do this to Sister Sledge song "We are Family" We are having cocktails in the beach bar and then we have booked the wine cellar for a private dinner at 6pm I have got a beautiful Sassi Holford gown which is a soft fishtail shape in ivory silk with floaty lace that has lots of tiny pearl and diamond details, a simple pearl and diamond side tiara and Jimmy Choo glitter fabric shoes.(barefoot for the ceremony) My girls are wearing pale champagne pink Talbot Runhoff cocktail dresses and glitter fabric sandals My Groom has a navy blue Boss suit with white shirt with navy detail on the collar, brown leather belt and brown leather flipflops Our boys have the same as the groom minus the jacket We are having all white and green flowers on the gazebo and Mexican Alcatraz Lillies for our wedding flowers We are using Adventure for our photographs I cant wait now its so close, communication has been a bit hit and miss with my WC Ayahamint but I have to say that this last few weeks she has really come through and we have our meeting with her on the 2nd of January. So I wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year for 2014 which is a very special year for us all. Good luck with your weddings girls xxx Lou
  2. This is really beautiful makes me even more excited that we are getting married here in 6 weeks x
  3. 5 weeks today we fly to Dreams and 6 weeks on Monday 6 Jan it's our wedding x am I the first 2014 DRC bride ?
  4. If you have her e-mail send her a message. I have had a lot of contact with mine and although she takes a while to reply she has been ok. However since I sent my wedding planner in a month ago she hasnt given me any feedback from it. My wedding is only 7 weeks away now. My TA has been pushing for a response. I still havent filled in my legal form and I am finding it really hard because I want to confirm an estimated cost. The flowers I want are different to the standard bouquets and we are having the Weddings in Paradise with add ons as our wedding is only for 7 us included. I have read over and over that communication is an issue prior to the wedding but when you get to your resort its fine. I hope this is the case for us too. Good luck Lou
  5. I just discovered "turning pages" so so beautiful but Adele make you feellove has so much meaning to us. I was going to walk down the sand to this x marry me when we sign the register but is turning pages right for our sand ceremony ?
  6. I have just been speaking to our photographer and found out that our wedding day is a very special one for the people of Mexico. Its the celebration of Dia de Reyes or Epiphany which is the day they exchange gifts. Makes it even more special. Lou
  7. My wedding is just over 2 months away and its all coming together now. My sand ceremony kit has arrived, I have my bridesmaid dresses and shoes. My H2B has just had his suit tailored and my wedding dress fitting is in a weeks time. We pick our wedding rings up next week. I just need to choose ribbon and gems to use on my bouquets and we are all ready. Any other late December early January brides out there? We arrive on 28th of December and our wedding is January 6th. Lou
  8. Contact Gabriela Salinas her email is weddings.drerc@dreamsresorts.com she is the Weddings Manager. I sent my planner in a few weeks ago, I dont think there are any other documents unless your wedding is legal. I am getting married a few weeks before you on January 6th :0) Lou
  9. I have made a few changes 😊 Walking down the beach to Make you feel my love (Adele) Signing the register to Marry me (train) Family sand pouring to we are family (sister sledge ) To finish chasing the sun (the wanted )
  10. Hi it's our wedding in 11 weeks and we fly out 10 weeks today. Hope you have a wonderful time x please will you let me know how you get on with the legal wedding x
  11. That's the worst part of having a destination wedding , having to wait for the response from your WC. There have been times that not having the control over it ha got to me. However I have constantly read on here that when you get to Dreams it's all worth it. We did a visit in June and met the wedding manager who was lovely and its a gorgeous place.
  12. Hi how are you finding Ayahamint? I have had to chase quite a bit . I sent my wedding planner in a week ago and she responded to say thank you and she will be back to me soon. It's our wedding 11 weeks on Monday 😄x.
  13. That's good to know thanks Emma. I have just sent my wedding planner in so am waiting for an update from Ayahamint my co-ord. I will order my sand vase now. 😀
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