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  1. My wedding was on August 2, 2014 :)
  2. I brought my own dj. He brought his own mixer and laptop and just connected it to the speakers. It worked out great and no extra cost because I just told them we were playing from an "ipod."
  3. Claudia is awesome. I'm pretty sure she's the head coordinator and oversees most of the weddings. She's fantastic!
  4. @pekchw- We didn't use the DJ they offered because it was so freaking expensive. We had our friend (who is also a DJ) come and he brought his own mixer and computer and DJ'd for us for FREE. We just told the WC that our friend was going to play music off of his computer and there was no additional charge or anything. Hope that helps! @tkennerson- I'm not sure about the traveler's checks. We also ran into this problem and hadn't realized that most banks charge an international fee. My husband has Chase and they charge 3% whereas I'm with a credit union that charges 1%. So we transferred all of the payment to the credit union. However, our bank only allowed us to charge up to $5,000 per day so we had to pay the resort like once a day before our wedding. Make sure you let your bank know that you're going to Mexico and that you'll be paying large amounts so that it's not fishy and the payments will go through.
  5. Hi Everyone! Just returned from our trip to Cancun last week. Our wedding was on Saturday August 2, 2014. Just wanted to let you guys know what I learned from my experience just in case you had questions. Ceremony: 5pm @ the Gazebo Okay so this area is not private at all. It's literally right next to the infinity pool where everyone and their mom hangs out all day. So everyone who's in the pool, around the pool, by the pool, on a bench.. can witness your wedding ceremony, which is what happened with our wedding. It was pretty weird to just have a bunch of strangers standby and watch. I saw some taking pictures and recording the wedding as well. In fact, I'm guilty of this because I witnessed 2 weddings earlier that week while I was busy drinking in the pool. Although strangers did congratulate us and didn't really get too much in the way, it was still weird. So if you're looking for privacy.. I wouldn't pick the gazebo. I went with the bare minimum on decorations for the gazebo, meaning I only asked for the flowers for the table that were included in our wedding package. However, I was surprised that they ended up pushing sashes on the chairs for me and the aisle was lined with our centerpieces. So it was really nice of them to think to do that because I really didn't care to spend money on decorations for the ceremony. Reception: 7pm @ the pool deck This turned out perfectly. I brought my own table runners that were gold burlap I purchased from Michael's for like $5. I just handed it to my WC and they were able to cut it and set it up for me for the tables. We had rectangular tables and since they're quite long, the WC suggested that we do 3 small centerpieces. I would only agree to it if they stayed with the same price as $70 (for small centerpieces) and they were able to. They didn't even charge me to rent the vases (which on the budget planner runs for $10 each). The flowers turned out pretty cute as well. The best part about the reception were the amber bulb lights that we decided to go with last minute for $400. Definitely worth it! Everything looked wonderful and we were totally pleased with the reception. Everyone loved it and we kept getting compliments. Service was great and so was the food. A lot of our guests kept saying how great dinner was and the salmon ceviche app was a hit with a majority of our guests! During the dancing part, the bartender even brought out a huge bottle of tequila to the dance floor and we started making our guests take shots. It was hilarious. At the end, we jumped into the pool even though the staff were a little mad.. they got over it though and high-fived us all. They must have that happen all the time. Anyway I'll try and post pics soon! Let me know if you guys have any questions I know I had a lot and it's hard to communicate w/ the WC during the planning process, but it really turned out perfectly. Wish I remembered more of it, haha!
  6. They said she had a family emergency and had to leave. Not sure when your wedding is so don't know if it'll effect you too. My new WC is Maira. Anyone heard of her? She's been helpful so far. Yeah you're definitely allowed to bring some of your own decor! Anyone have their wedding on the pool deck? I'm trying to figure out if we need to rent additional lighting...
  7. I had Ayahamint for my original wedding coordinator and I've just been told I have a new wedding coordinator 2 weeks before my wedding.
  8. Does anyone know the sizes of the rectangular tables? Planning to purchase table runners. Thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone! Haven't been on in awhile. My wedding is on August 2, 2014 Saturday. We're expecting 87 people. Ceremony: Gazebo at 5PM Reception: Pool Deck at 8PM I'm most likely opting out of the cocktail hour to save the $2k. As for decor, I'm trying to go really minimal. I haven't even finalized anything with our wedding coordinator as it is so hard to communicate w/ her. We have Ayahamint. I have so many questions but it sounds complicated just emailing her.
  10. @@FutureMrs2014 I'll be getting in Tuesday July 29th and staying til the following Tuesday August 5th!
  11. I'm getting married August 2, 2014. Hoping to hear from the wedding coordinator soon so we can finalize details and costs. I'm most likely going to do the bare minimum for decorations!
  12. In regards to crediting the cocktail hour, they told me no as well
  13. Thanks for the info! That sucks that you can't credit the cocktail hour for credit. After reading this, I contacted my wedding coordinator to see what she says. She hasn't responded yet. I know the photography prices went up from 2013. I told them that they have to honor the quotes they sent me when I had originally reserved the wedding package.
  14. Anyone decide on entrees yet? Still deciding. I spoke to the wedding coordinator and you can have up to 2 options, but I need to decide fast so I can put it on the RSVP.
  15. I had booked the wedding myself directly through the resort and they won't honor the complimentary cocktail party for me. I had mention I read that other brides were able to get "grandfathered" in and they're asking for names. If anyone was able to get grandfathered in for the complimentary cocktail, could you please let me know your name and wedding date? I'm hoping to really secure this promotion. Not fair!
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