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  1. Good to hear! Nice suits by the way! I Attented my nephews wedding like 2 months ago, and I remember them having nice suits too! I was a little bit involved in the wedding, this part in particular. The nice thing was that my uncle (his father) had actually given like a carte blanche to him, to get him and the groomsmen whatever they wanted. He wanted them to look perfect so they got to work. Ended up with really nice suits and as a special present, they picked out matching breitling watches and ordered them at Chrono24, which later arrived. I have to say, they looked amazing! It's a subtle detail, but people notice it and it makes it look like you've really made an effort. But I know how difficult it can pe to prepare the whole lot, and I can imagine that's a huge thing you can stripe off from the checklist!
  2. Jeanna1

    Unresponsive Bridesmaid

    Woah that sad to hear! But good for you that you're still going to the wedding, I think that's the best and only thing you can do. She must be very busy organizing the whole thing indeed. Good luck!
  3. Yeah that's kind of difficult to estimate. I think you just have to maintain like a marging for last-minutes guest, the only thing you can do!
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    Anniversary coming up!

    Hey everybody! Our 5th anniversary is coming up in january next year! I'm really excited, since it will be the first big thing we will be organising since the wedding! We realy want to make something special out of it, so I'm already thinking af things we could do. Hopefully this forum will give me some inspiration and I can share other thoughts with people around here. And I'm also more than willing to help other people out with the planning of their wedding or their anniversary!