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  1. We were married at Secrets Wild Orchid in Jamaica in July and being a wedding photographer myself, I was very picky about who I hired. It was just my husband and I and I didn't want the traditional ceremony and reception stuff. I found Chris online after looking at tons of websites and emailed him and we hit it off! I told him what I wanted (an after ceremony shoot of just us playing around before dinner) and he listened, got to know me and created a package just for us. He gave us exactly what we wanted! Fun, beautiful images of us capturing our personality on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Our time with him was fun as he and his assistant are so easy going and accommodating even in the Jamaican july HEAT! We received our images in an extremely timely manner and couldn't have been more pleased. I HIGHLY recommend Zuluspro and have met a great friend in Jamaica in the process! Thanks, Chris!!!!
  2. We're using Chris in July. We're getting married at Secrets Wild Orchid but I didn't care for ceremony pro shots. They all look the same to me (I'm a photog) and this isn't the first wedding for either of us and we're going to be by ourselves. So we opted for a couple of hours between ceremony and private beach dinner to go off property and do some nice creative colorful shots...just the two of us. He has worked with me every step of the way and I couldn't be more comfortable with our choice.
  3. Dang it would only let me post 1 image at a time from my ipad. Here it is on my hand
  4. I truly apologize if these pics show up a million times. I'm having issues with my internet. We got engaged yesterday at wind rock above Mountain Lake (where dirty dancing was filmed..we live about 20 minutes away) I'm a own a photography business so I'm having a blast posing it
  5. As of right now (and probably will be because I am in love with it and have tried on many and nothing comes close...) is Maggie sottero's karena royale in gold.
  6. YAY! I've been stalking this thread every day looking at all the amazing rings. He finally proposed yesterday on top of Mountain Lake (where dirty dancing was filmed..but near our house...we didn't go there because of the movie lol). I'm so excited to share Oh...Im a professional photographer so I can shoot it whenever and on whatever I want. It STILL doesn't do it justice as you guys have mentioned previously about ring pics. Oh well
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