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  1. Your dress is nice! I love love love lace!! I went through babyonline. I hate the time difference. It's so hard to communicate. Good luck with your dress its fab
  2. I think I have done the proper editing. Here is one of theirs that I edited with how it should look...
  3. I am just going to go with a white lining. It seems like the simplest route to take. It hard to communicate across the world!! I have time, so if they need to redo the beading to make the v-neck correct then I will wait. I plan on doing further alteratons once I receive it, but they have to take care of their fixes first. Luckily for me I already have a wedding gown. I wanted to see if they could replicate this one though
  4. Okay y'all help me...I received an update on my gown. Not quite what I planned AT ALL...I can see the vision of my gown there, but not right now. So here is another look of what the dress should look like and mine. The lining was suppose to be nude, but clearly it came out pink!! gross! I am just going to get white (opinions?). The guy I have been speaking with knew I wasn't gonna like that. Anyway, the dress isn't quite form fitting either, but I already planned to get alterations. Other errors...1. Arm lengths are different 2. There seems to be stitching on the left side from arms to midrift. Weird 3. Not enough pearls. They are very spaced out. 4. The back band is suppose to be pearls not a band! 5. V-neck should be lowered. I am thinking about having them make me a belt just add something extra. Something like the attached picture. What is the best way to edit the picture to show them the things they need to work on. Have no clue how to add arrows and text!!
  5. After purchasing a beautiful gown at a boutique, I continued gown "window" shopping via internet. Thanks to instagram I fell in love with the designer Berta. I refuse to fly to another state and pay a ridiculous amount of money for her gown. Even if I am head over hills for it. Bored at work I was looking at aliexpress/babyonline and what did I see. My dream/breathtaking gown...very nervous about if they can pull off the replica, but thought I'd give it a shot...I ordered the gown and I happy, anxious and nervous about what will come in the mail. Anyhoo ladies, here is the dress I ordered!
  6. How did you all get babyonline to send you progress pictures of your gowns? They say they don't, but I need to see what's going on right or wrong!
  7. Since I decided I wanted a wedding a couple months back, I have purchased a gown (at a bridal boutique) that I adore. Since then, I have been on IG looking at gowns and absolutely have fallen in love with the designer Berta. This gown has been a heart's desire since I layed eyes on it, but refuse to travel to another state to try on the dress not to mention she is no cheap designer. Low and behold bored at work I see on aliexpress/babyonline my dream dress...I have taken a leap of faith and ordered this gown. I plan on getting alterations done for sure. Sweet baby Jesus I hope it looks just like Berta invisioned and designed it. At least a close replica...I will keep you all posted.
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