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  1. I thought the ballroom could fit 90. Is it a certain reception location and that is why there is a limit?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Some of our guests have to stay at Azul Sensatori because Azul Beach is full. I thought they could shuttle back and forth and use their all inclusive at the sister resorts, but I guess I was misinformed?? Did anybody have guests that stayed at a different location, and how were they able to come to Azul Beach to hang out without having to pay the $95 day pass?? Do either resorts make you wear a wristband? If there is no wristband then I figure how would they know. If anyone knows how to get around this please let me know. Only 3 1/2 weeks left yay!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by asposeep Hi everyone! I am looking for some help regarding excursions while we are at Azul Beach. We really want to take our guests out on a Catamaran for the afternoon but it seems like to arrange through the hotel it is super $$$. They are quoting us $88 per person if they feed us lunch and $68 per person if they do not feed us. This includes scuba dive gear but nothing else. Has anyone found anything along these lines (or another great excursion) that is less expensive? I just wonder if going through the hotel is the wrong way to approach this. Thank you! Ashley Where did you end up going for your excursions? I'm hoping to go to the ruins but don't want a long 12 hour trip, and snorkeling at the mesoamerican reef. We were given the Lomas info, but wondering if you went with someone else? thanks tracey
  4. thanks all for your input. Another quick question: We are looking to book a snorkeling trip, and also a trip to either Chichen Itza or Tulum Ruins. Any suggestions on tour places to go through? The hotel provided us with Lomas Travel info, but wondering if anyone else had some suggestions of who they used? thanks
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by tmcdonald I chose to use an outside photographer and pay the fee. I am fortunate enough that my parents, as a wedding gift, are paying for the photographer so I am going to shell out the vendor fee. It might be a different story if I had to pay for all of it myself. Its ridiculously high but I am willing to give something else up. I did research online and they hotel photographers just don't compare to some of the others out there. There were several that we liked, you just have to go through their work and see what aesthetic fits you as a couple. Which photographer did you choose? I have been looking at other photographers today, the difference in quality is amazing! Pretty positive we are going with Samuel Luna. His pictures look fabulous and he is surprisingly affordable. Thanks for your input, it helped me realized what I booked through the hotel isn't what I really want.
  6. My wedding is getting closer, only 7 weeks until we leave!! But I am starting to question the photographer that we are going with. We chose Caribe Photo because it was on of the two choices for Azul Beach without having to pay a fee, but the pictures look like anyone could have taken them. Has anyone used these photographers? Is there a different photographer that you have used and highly recommend? We already paid the deposit, but don't want crappy pictures in the end either. help if you have any advice!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by KaelaMcD Amanda, Here is a picture of our floral centerpieces. It was a tough choice for me too, because they are expensive...I think mine were somewhere around $60/table? I did have them at each table, with the votive candles, and the table card. The resort, of course, sets out the place setting and linens, etc. I also made menu cards, place cards (ie; the names tied to the starfish), and had the maracas, all shown below as well. I think when the photographer took the pic of the centerpiece, the place settings weren't completely set, so it might look a little "bare" but it didn't once everything else was on the table. I think you're probably okay with the candles in the bowls. There was a light breeze the evening of our wedding, definitely not enough to blow out a candle. I guess that could change if it was windy...although, now that I think about it, they do have storm screens that they can lower if/when there is wind/rain. So, all that to say, you'll probably be safe! :-) Hi. The maracas you used are similar to the ones we bought. They look great! Did you have any trouble getting them through customs? Did you do carry on for those or checked bag also?
  8. I have a question for my fellow brides in regards to travelling with favors. We will be bringing many things to the wedding: maracas, bubble guns, votives and glass holders, welcome bags, kooozies, I think that sums it up. I know some brides have brought items with them such as these, did you have any troubles getting them on the plane and through customs? Was it recommended that you ship them instead? My concern is if they think the guns are an issue, and may think I'm smuggling something inside the maracas, and things of those sorts. thanks in advance!
  9. thank you for your response. I finally was able to get a hold of a coordinator and had them answer my questions and figure out what was going on. Nice to know though that I am not the only one with lagged response time. I appreciate your suggestions
  10. Hi Eveyone. I am having a horrible experience planning my wedding at this hotel. Well it was basically pulling teeth to get my coordinator to respond to me, and offer me my options. Then one week before our decisions are due, I find out she isn't with the company anymore (mind you I had already been awaiting a response for a week and a half). So the supervisor Fabio has taken over my account. I have sent him about 7 or 8 emails, and three phone calls in the past three weeks, and no response. All he keeps saying is he will get back to me within 24 hours. I just called today requesting to speak with upper management and they won't patch me through. I am expected to pay in full in less than one month but decisions cannot be made without responses to my questions. My wedding is the first week of December and this lack of communication is completely unacceptable. Do any of you have an email or phone number of a wedding coordinator manager, or anyone that you think could help me with this?? Sorry for the venting, they have just pushed this bride to her limit. thanks. tracey lynn
  11. Hello! I just found this thread and am so thrilled! We are getting married at Azul beach this December and feel sort of lost. Your information has been so helpful!! We will only be having around 25 ppl and can't decide if we should just have dinner at Blue International or have our own private reception. Anyone been in the same situation? Not enough people for Blue Terrace but sounds amazing. We have a coordinator, but unless I know the right question to ask she isn't really volunteering any information or options. Just sending me to the lomas site for everything. They can't confirm a wedding rehearsal until we arrive, has that happened to anyone else? And for the couples that had a cocktail hour at Wave Lounge before the reception, did you have to arrange for a 2 hour cocktail party through the banquet catalog, or did everyone just show up in the same place? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me, I am soooo excited!
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