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  1. I am using Lynda Gomez. She is generally good but super slow at replying to emails - at least 3 days and usually a week. Best bet is to save up your requests/questions so she can answer them all at once. I am finding it a bit stressful but hopeful that the on-site person will put me at ease when I get there.
  2. Hi ladies: Has anyone used hanging paper lanterns at Blue Terrace? Wonder if there are any hassles with this seeing as it is a really high ceiling? If anyone has experience please let me know!!!! Thanks!
  3. It's true - there can be two weddings a day but only one private reception. I confirmed this with my WC, it is a recent change (this year).
  4. You can bring your own decorations, centerpieces, etc. There is a set-up fee which I am told is a maximum of $250 (if you bring EVERYTHING). The actual charge will be determined when you get there via your WC.
  5. Awesome! If you're down there and can take pictures of the various event locations that would be SOO helpful. If you find out anything about the reception times let us know too. The contract I signed says all evnets are 6pm-11pm but 11pm seems early, especially when we have a DJ and people are having a good time dancing! My girls are wearing cobalt blue and the boys white shirts with grey dress pants (and ties). My man is wearing a jacket for the ceremony. I am thinking bright pink/white flowers....not really settled yet. Also not sure about decor. I like the chari bows but not sure what color to use. I'm booking DJ Doremixx. Check out Claudia Rodriguez for photos. I've got her booked and one of my friends used her, her pics are great. Good to have some other Azul Brides out there!
  6. I'm booking Doremixx as well! He was super fast in replying to me. It sucks about the vendor fee but even with the extra $800 he is the same price as the resort DJ....and everyone thinks he's great. Has anyone figured out the timing of their reception? Is it possible to extend the reception past 11pm?
  7. Crap! I tried to reply to this and posted it somewhere else by accident. Oops! I'm booked! Expecting 60 people: welcome BBQ on the beach, small rehearsal dinner, sky terrace ceremony and reception at Blue Terrace. Hoping it all works out and my plans come to life! Excited about the resort - gorgeous!
  8. Hello Girls! I just signed my contract. We are expecting 60 people. Hoping to do beach BBQ to welcome everyone, a smaller rehearsal dinner, ceremony at the Sky Terrace and reception at Blue Terrace. Hoping it all works out! I have *almost* booked Claudia Rodriguez, her pics are fantastic. I want to book DJ Doremixx as well but I'm hesitating because of the outside vendor fee. I'll pay it for a good photographer but not sure if the DJ is worth it!? Very excited! Hoping we can share ideas. I agree, Sensatori thread is overwhelming!
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